Friday, 7 August 2009

Home for Dinner

Since my sister is back, we decided to not eat outside for one or two days. Healthier home cook food. That says all.

The workout in the kitchen is not very inviting but nonetheless...tiring.

Potato fried to chips.Crabsticks.Egg with tomato with cheese.French beans.

I cooked again today. And this time was a solo act since sister went over to boyfriend house for dinner. Having to prepare everything by own, not a good idea. At least my sister cooked the rice. :)
Luncheon meat. Bittergourd with prawn with crabstick. Potato with crabstick in oyster sauce.

Spot the repeating ingredient.

I just have too much of it in the freezer! Might as well cook it with the others, don't waste. RIGHT?

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