Friday, 7 August 2009


Don't think my nails are long. But I do think they are too. So are they, or are they not?

I was on my normal schedule :
watch tv - laptop - watch tv - laptop - watch tv- laptop...

So during the 'Be-Right-Back', I went back to my laptop and "BUkkmm!"..and I went, "Ouch.."

I sat down on the chair and found out that...

So I waited for it to dry, looking at it every moment.

I wanna go to the pharmacy to wrap it up, but on a second thought, I don't. It'll grow back in no time.

The agony..agonizing pain.

The after effect of pulling the broken top part off.

But it's healing now. No problemo.


ws said...

yer..geli nya!!!

Josephine Wong said...

hm..u shud ask 'are u ok?'..
geli pulak..

ws said...

okok lor... so ARE YOU OK NOW ???

Josephine Wong said...

Yeap, am ok now..:)