Saturday, 22 August 2009

PC Fair II

And I'm serious at work OK. Just a 2 sec off for camera focus and Snap! :)

Crowded PC Fair..: (

Sonson in his 'bergaya' spec..

Siew Yee..:)
Siew Yee and me..upclosed..:)

Verons babe and me..:)

Verons darling..:)

Yee Kuan..:)

Mr Surveyor..Choon Lai


Kelvin, SonSon and Me

The whole Microsoft group.

The Microsoft promoters met each other for the very very first time. Then we got our lecture on what we're promoting for a while and then handed us our cool T which we are all so eager to change into. There's a big 7 behind. Who doesn't want? I want.

By lunch, we were talking like old buddies, at Wooley Court. :)
Really like old time buddies. It frigtens me a lil how fast I get to know them. It's like...after 2 hours from the first time meeting. But I love them all to bits!!

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