Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ipoh's Authenticity

Ipoh is a very nice place. If you don't expect to stay in Hilton, or Sheraton, or JW Marriot.
We have our newly Tower Regency Hotel built up not long ago, Syuenn Hotel, Casuarina, Heritage and Excelsior.

But Ipoh's most famous for it's OLDTOWN. Or so I guess.

I remember going there with my nanny when I was still a todler, sitting on the wooden chair sipping thru my cup of hot coffee.

Years after, I went back again, this time a grown up. :)
I was marvelled by the authenticity of these old shops.

So, I ordered my 'Kai-Si-Hor-Fun' (Chicken Kuey Tiaw) and 'Bak Kopi' (White Coffee).
Man, I tell you, this was the best bestest bestest-est kai-si-hor-fun I've eaten! The soup.. : P

White coff..Not as nice as I had expected it to be. I've got to try other shops then. :)

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