Thursday, 20 August 2009

Just a little bit tragic

After a week of living life without my laptop, I thought it was unbearable, but it turned out that I still 'seemed' to be alive.

Well, at least there's still the lag desktop for me to type this post out. HMPH!

I was supposed to bring my baby back today BUT 'There's an error with EndNote2' pops out suddenly. DAMN...and I had to reformat.

So, you knowlah nothing in the world is free, even reformatting.

But being the clever-me-on-the-spot, of cause I have to minimize my loss. So it started like -

Mr PC: "You have to reformat yourself lo..used the CD you burned and insert in can already..:

Me: "...........bla bla bla bla......." (A whole lot rubbish question...)

Mr PC: " We reformat for you we charge RM85."

Me: "Uh? *whispering~ last time you no charge me also?!?*

Mr PC: *Looks at me..scruntinized smile..*

Me: "Better you do for me la. You did once already ma. If I go back do myself, something wrong happen then I have to come back to you again. Then not good lor, 'ma fan' you again. RIGHT? Don't want give you anymore trouble mar.."

Mr PC: *grinning..* *smiling..* "OK lar, last time ha.."

And it's all a happy ending. Isn't life beautiful? : )

So, my sacrifice is just living another day without my laptop. That's my only loss.
I can take it. No probs.
One more day.
That's all.

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