Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just so you know that I'm still alive...

Herro! Have you missed me?

Will try to update soon alright!

*Oh, loving me purple frame!*

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BBC radio

A quarter past 5, Boon (a fellow Malaysia uncle) gave me a text to say there's something on in the church, a radio recording! So happen I was working at the branch near the church today and I got a shock when he actually popped into the pharmacy to say 'Hi!'. Nonetheless, it was a great fun experience except that it was rather random.

What happened was they are recording a pre-recorded radio broadcast on 104 in Worcestershire which would air on the 25th September and being part of it is really awesome!

Then of course there's food! Lols :)

We each had a balloon which we popped at the end and mine reads, "I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love, our fears for today, our worries of tomorrow and even the powers of hell can't keep God's love away. Whether we are high up in the sky or on the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is reveal in Christ Jesus our Lord." ROMANS 8: 38-39

When someone comes to me saying 'If GOD's that great, he wouldn't let us suffer' or 'I can live just as well without believing in anything', etc., all I would say is, if you haven't experience God's work and blessing, you'll never know. And for this to happen, you have to TRUST. And if you're already trusting but nothing happens, then reflect, pray and continue to TRUST.

Because my family has been bless abundantly, I have seen his wonders working through and his faith walks us on everyday. This might be absurd to some of you, but to some others, you'll understand what this means.

I've skipped church for almost a year but going back to church gives me the sense of belonging, the feeling of going home. Like everyone say, "There's no place better than home", this implies a great understanding.

Although I won't label myself as being too religious, there's a part of me who believes there's a God, and that God provides us, shelter us, feed us, walk with us and protect us. May you felt this peace given to you, God bless!

To my grandparents, dad, mum, brother and sister, I LOVE YOU!


Thursday, 15 September 2011


GLOSSYBOX of the month!

OOOHHHH, nice packaging there!

OHHHHH WOW, pink colour box inside! @.@

YAHHHHHHHH, nicely wrapped somemore with pink ribbon!

FAINTED. Too much goodness in a box.

Get your Glossybox HERE!
You'll love it. PERIOD.

How was training today?
HARDCORE managerial session.

Training day

How would my first training day go?

Had better study to be prepared at least in the event I was thrown with some questions.

Dyspepsia check
Gastro-reflux check
H2RA check
PPI check
Diarrhoea check
Anti-motility check
Chron's disease check
Ulcerative colitis check
Corticosteroid check
Constipation check
Haemorrhoid check

Off to bed *JUMPS*

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Tried Henna tattoo last week and I quite like it =) (Oh don't worry, Henna's not permanent)
It's not as dark as it is in the picture now.

Oh and that's Linda's leg! 


Bought a red espadrilles for just 5 pounds! Love love love love! Gives that one outstanding thing to look for in the outfit =) 



Also an accessorize holder and nail polish from Avon. My holder is filled up now! And the nail polish isn't very good =(



Oh Monday's approaching, who's eager about it?
(Lies in bed)

Had an awesome time in church today =)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dark angels and BB Seaweed (Lush)

This post is full of myself but I just have to share the goodness of it!

After my bath, 

I grabbed some Dark Angels from Lush which I got for free (It's charcoal and it has this gritty feeling to it)

and gave my face a good wash and scrub.

which results in a cleaner radiant skin!

Then I took out the BB Seaweed I've got, 

and smother it all over my face!

The end result - Ooooh-la-la! I'm loving it!

I'm no doubt a big fan of Lush. Maybe just their mask = )

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Arrival of autumn 2011

Gloomy autumn is here already.

The wind was so strong today I was almost blown away. I can see whirlwinds of leaves and sand. @.@

I need the sun! 

Saturday blues

I came here, to Redditch, 6 weeks + ago. I was alone but thankfully, I had Shiun Lei to fetch me all the way from Nottingham to this new place.


Eh you, thanks for everything wei. Why la you go back so fast, stay longer ma.

Friends for 8 years, time does flies. You take care when you're back alright!

I thought I was the lone Asian soul here but I do bump into a few Asian people in town but it was just so random so couldn't even spark a conversation with them. It was just a case of passer by. However, not long after around the third week, I saw a friend of mine who's replying messages on Facebook status that she's in Redditch, 30 minutes away from Birmingham. That sentence seems to magnify a thousand times larger! I quickly sent her a message and the next moment, I was rolling in bed with happiness, knowing that she's here in the same town with me! 

We made sushi!

OK LAR, I lazy to write caption for each picture so the pictures summarize what we hand made! =)

We hang out at Redditch's own Kingfisher mall!

Ate brunch at Druckers Patisserie

Esther came down so we met up for dinner after work at Wetherspoon!
(There isn't much of a choice for dining in Redditch -.-)

We went for movie!

This I had to buy because they're irresistable! Look at Smurfie!

Oh we didn't watch The Smurf, we watched Rise of the Planet Apes!
How ironic..Hahaha!

My Sunday was so fine! =P
Update more soon.....