Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Saturday blues

I came here, to Redditch, 6 weeks + ago. I was alone but thankfully, I had Shiun Lei to fetch me all the way from Nottingham to this new place.


Eh you, thanks for everything wei. Why la you go back so fast, stay longer ma.

Friends for 8 years, time does flies. You take care when you're back alright!

I thought I was the lone Asian soul here but I do bump into a few Asian people in town but it was just so random so couldn't even spark a conversation with them. It was just a case of passer by. However, not long after around the third week, I saw a friend of mine who's replying messages on Facebook status that she's in Redditch, 30 minutes away from Birmingham. That sentence seems to magnify a thousand times larger! I quickly sent her a message and the next moment, I was rolling in bed with happiness, knowing that she's here in the same town with me! 

We made sushi!

OK LAR, I lazy to write caption for each picture so the pictures summarize what we hand made! =)

We hang out at Redditch's own Kingfisher mall!

Ate brunch at Druckers Patisserie

Esther came down so we met up for dinner after work at Wetherspoon!
(There isn't much of a choice for dining in Redditch -.-)

We went for movie!

This I had to buy because they're irresistable! Look at Smurfie!

Oh we didn't watch The Smurf, we watched Rise of the Planet Apes!
How ironic..Hahaha!

My Sunday was so fine! =P
Update more soon.....



Linda said...

Awww...those photos r of such good memories :D AND We went to Birmingham too! Fab day of eating FOOD that we miss so much LOL. Happy to hav found u too! Sorry not around this weekend, c u the next weekend!

Josephine Wong said...

Oh yess! When can we do some cookies and cupcakes! :) I actually wanted to write on Birmingham but I noticed I didn't have any pictures! Lols..We'll see each other next weekend definitely!