Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dark angels and BB Seaweed (Lush)

This post is full of myself but I just have to share the goodness of it!

After my bath, 

I grabbed some Dark Angels from Lush which I got for free (It's charcoal and it has this gritty feeling to it)

and gave my face a good wash and scrub.

which results in a cleaner radiant skin!

Then I took out the BB Seaweed I've got, 

and smother it all over my face!

The end result - Ooooh-la-la! I'm loving it!

I'm no doubt a big fan of Lush. Maybe just their mask = )


Qihua said...

wuwuwu, i wan lush too.. my skin condition got worse since back here ><

Josephine Wong said...

Aiyoo, became worst? What happened? I'll bring one back for you when I go back OK!

Qihua said...

duno o, suddenly a lot of pimples popping out here n there. thanks a lot o :)

Josephine Wong said...

EEkkkss! Malaysia air is polluted. Hahaha! Most welcome.