Friday, 20 June 2008

20th June 2008

my first ever serious cooking....

i tried cooking 'tao kok' rice on tuesday..
i measured out everything...
my mum measured the rice with an amount of water inside which i tot was the ACTUAL amount of water needed...
i cooked everything...

the rice was hard..~!

cuz the amount of water inside the pot is only to SOAK the rice!!!

first attempt-->failure...

but i'll try again..: )

Monday, 16 June 2008

17th June 2008

Everything's well now..

Actually, i have lots of things to blog..just a matter of time..which i rarely have..but now i do..cuz im back home!!!

So first thing first..

My bro's fren were down in ipoh..some time ago..end of may...n yea,b4 they left, we manage to camwhore ourselves for memories..= )

Jan n CK, Ben2, Nie2, Me..n opss,i forgot ur name!!sorry ya..

Then,recently me,my bro n dad met up with khalilah from plus..i can tell u she's darn open..n tat makes all the difference between the malays..we ate at yogi tree in the gardens..n tat meal would!!don't wanna was nice..worth trying..

then..after my break up, i went out with wen nee n wei xiong to times..jln jln n thanks yea guys for accompanying me..without u guys,i wouldn't have hold on tat strong..we went to GASOLIN!!which was reli..urm,well!!i lurv the ambience a lot lorh!!hearts..

N then i started working in DF Pharmacy in Kajang for 2 weeks..thanks yea Jeff , Rachelle n Mr Goh for all the teachings!!n oh yeah!!the fabulous talk in one world hotel which last for 4 minutes ONLY but we get to eat a 10 course meal!!!oh,good heaven...LOL..

Me n hui went for the SIA interview in JW Marriot Hotel for cabin crew was truly an experience..tho we did not pass..= )

And a day out with ex-skul mates from beseri..nice gathering back again..

khai hua, hau, hui hui, wen nee, wei xiong and me..n kah wee..whose pic i don't have..

and happy birthday carmen darling!!hugs..

Started getting myself into the make-up business..LOL..some of my looks..

whoa, tat summarises everything from mid may till..yea,yesterday!!LOL..will be updating soon when smtg new pops up!!!


Saturday, 14 June 2008

14th June 2008


Everything i wanted and belonged to once is now a fairy tale.I could reminisce on it and think it as memories of my days before. I'm moving on and that's all that matter now. I love the life I'm living now, surrounded by my life friends..chilling out here and there.

All right,got to get ready to go out chilling..toodles!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10th June 2008

Enjoy the little things in life...
for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things..

Why some people just don't appreciate things they have?

Why some people take it so seriously and some not?

Why some people would just let things go so easily?

Why some people would give lame excuses just for a break up?

Why some people ....

oh well,whatever it is...

Monday, 9 June 2008

9th June 2008

It's been a few days after those gruesome and tearing heart felt moments. But with much support from friends and family, i manage to get it back into the ORI jojo. Altho, i admit still i cried over this la.Rome's not built in one day rite?!LOL..

I'll get back my feet on the ground and start all a new. I promise you'll regret for doing this to me, for it's unreasonable.

Hui, my friend, asked me to play tarot card online. Which, oh well, it's kinda confusing and eerie. You know, the sound and the meaning and stuffs..crap..make my hair stands.

My gor pulak say he knows how to play tarot and is quite good at it. Hahaz!! I'll be waiting..

I think it's a lie you told me that
-you can reply me but u received my message
-you have to come meet me on that sunday with that girl..when u can choose another day to come with DX
-out of a sudden u say u can't accept me going to UK
-the one week b4 i came back, u treated me already like ur fren
-the lies started all out when u told me ur hse blackout n u went mamak to charge ur HP
-all the while,u can't live without me, but...
-u said i'll love u forever, but...
-u said, that Josephine sitting in front is mine, but...
-u asked me not to come back so early to KL (for what?i tot u were very eager to meet me..but i was wrong..)
-why i trusted u tat much
-why you're so cruel
-why don't u juz tell the the awful truth..
-whys whys whys n whys..

this was a conversation i had with my friend,xi xian..
[22:39] 船到桥头自然直: my gf ask me go to UK mah
[22:39] 船到桥头自然直: haha
[22:39] 船到桥头自然直: she now at UK study
[22:39] jojowong: yes ah?
[22:39] jojowong: ur gf at uk?!
[22:39] jojowong: yes ah?
[22:39] jojowong: ur GF at UK?
[22:40] jojowong: i wan ask smtg...
[22:40] jojowong: how u maintain ur relationship with ur GF?
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: haha
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: more contact loh
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: dont think too much loh
[22:41] jojowong: not expensive meh?
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: actually u hv to trust her
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: MSN
[22:41] 船到桥头自然直: need money or not ah?
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: haha.................
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: free at all ok
[22:42] jojowong: hm...
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: still can see each other face
[22:42] jojowong: u know y i break?
[22:42] jojowong: cuz my ex-BF kenot accept i go UK
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: because long distance mah
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: haha...............
[22:42] jojowong: haiz
[22:42] jojowong: so stupid
[22:42] 船到桥头自然直: but for me
[22:43] 船到桥头自然直: gf oso hv her own dream mah
[22:43] 船到桥头自然直: y not u let her achieve
[22:43] jojowong: hmz...
[22:43] 船到桥头自然直: ya
[22:43] jojowong: how i wish he know how to think like tat
[22:43] 船到桥头自然直: i let her go is because go to UK study is her dream
[22:44] jojowong: he say i go there got risk...will break
[22:44] jojowong: so he wan break now lo
[22:44] jojowong: so stupid...
[22:44] jojowong: aihz..
[22:44] jojowong: mebe he got other gal
[22:44] jojowong: hm...
[22:45] 船到桥头自然直: how long u together with him?
[22:45] jojowong: 2yrs
[22:46] 船到桥头自然直: oooooooooooo
[22:46] 船到桥头自然直: me about 2 ++ years
[22:46] 船到桥头自然直: ya it is very hard
[22:46] 船到桥头自然直: u need very trust he or she
[22:47] jojowong: he dun trust me only
[22:47] 船到桥头自然直: and communication need
[22:47] jojowong: so kik sum
[22:47] 船到桥头自然直: really
[22:47] 船到桥头自然直: ya la
[22:47] 船到桥头自然直: tis is wat i hv with my gf
[22:47] 船到桥头自然直: to maintain relationship
[22:52] 船到桥头自然直: my friend oso say me crazy
[22:52] 船到桥头自然直: to let her go
[22:52] 船到桥头自然直: to UK study
[22:53] jojowong: y?
[22:53] 船到桥头自然直: they say long distance love easy to broken ah
[22:53] 船到桥头自然直: ya
[22:53] 船到桥头自然直: they say half right
[22:53] 船到桥头自然直: but
[22:54] 船到桥头自然直: they say one is those example which is no trust each other couple happen
[22:54] jojowong: hm...
[22:54] jojowong: but u trust ur GF ah
[22:54] 船到桥头自然直: ya ah
[22:54] 船到桥头自然直: so i take as challenge
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: no try
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: how will konw
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: know
[22:55] jojowong: hm
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: may be i can success leh
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: so i will let them know
[22:55] 船到桥头自然直: my theory is true

hmz..tat says it all..

after start working, i learned tons of things..medicines n their uses..
it was quite an experience..another 4 more days and alas!, the end..
will truly appreciate this 4 days of work and gain as much things as i could..