Monday, 25 May 2009

Little monsters

My sister entered matriculation all the way in Gambang, Pahang. Without her presence here, it does feel lonely. I've got the whole queen size bed all to myself, instead of a quarter of the bed when she's here. I've got holidays till September. So, suppose I still do have some time with her.

Well, started off this early morning at 7am to Gambang and reached about 11.30am. That's pretty fast. I think daddy sped at 150kmph all the way. Phew!

It was really hectic for the registration process, altho I'm not involved. Everything was done at 2pm except for the dorm keys which can only be collected at 2.30pm. In the mean time while waiting, we shifted what called a total of 60kg stuffs up three storeys. Or probably more.

On my first step into the hostel ground, I felt this sudden tight grip at the back of my leg. Very very tight grip. And it felt heavy. What my reflex told me to do is to sweep that darn thing off. After a few swept, it flew off and gave a thud sound on the ground. Horrorfully, it's the Black Little Monster.

Alright, I thought it was just that one and only one. To my horror, awfulness and ewwiness, I saw the whole family tree there. All around the place. On the stairs, hundreds of them, wriggling their feet and back spinning. It was really all over the place! Toilet, washing sink, everywhere!Ugh..

It's like they're saying, "Welcome to ourz territoriez..". Bug Bug.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

We all live in perfect peace and harmony

Hi, I'm white, internally but I'm encapsulated by an external layer. People would call me 'chap-chung', or preferably 'cham'. I don't mind, cause I think I'm more of a faker. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Nice on the outside, the inside, well, you have to judge it for yourself.
(what the hell, I don't know how is it related. But let's just follow the story..)
I am as you can see could not stand vertically, but I could roll about horizontally in manners you could never ever imagine. Twist, release, dissolve, THE END.

I'm White. Don't mistaken me for Paracetamol. Uphamol 365 however is my elder Brother. Anyway, I'm a pure breed of my species, totally white. And that's why I'm also called 'Purity'. I come from the very special ethnic of 'The Purity-ness', whereby people of my type are typically phenotype identical and you can surely differentiate me from the other ethnics very much ethe asy.

I'm Orange, inside out and outside in. I've got some specks of white freckles on me. Well, that does not make me an 'ang-moh', but it's just something I applied onto myself earlier on, so that I look more Outstanding than Capsule and Purity.
(Plain orange don't work..)

Us 3 lives together in total harmony despite our differences and basically there's no language barrier cause all we had to do is just to follow and walk down the path of Gastrointestinal Tract. Which is also our alma mater of life.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I'm A Standout In Life

So that you know how outstanding I could be..

Being outstanding in life is not always a good thing - neither is it a bad one. Many people would perceive outstanding an externalised field prospect, however, mine is internalised, and intrinsically much more personal.

How was I shining my outstanding-ness? Here goes..

Firstly, my deepest, sincere gratitude to my dad, the man that had lead me through life’s rock and stones to the person I am now. I believe all parents would admit it’s not easy to raise a child, my dad is non-exceptional too. Plus, my younger brother joined the family 11 months and 354 days after me. Having 2 children at toddlers’ age is 101% not easy. We’ve both been devils, and sometimes angel too, to our dad and mum.

As per usual like any other being - i was fed, we talked (in a language only babies can understand), we fought, we scrathed and yelled, but we know deep inside that we love each other.

Reaching 21 of age is – like what most people would think and wished for - a key to freedom and everything else that 'no-you-cannot-do-kinda-stuffs'. Most people would receive HUGE presents from their parents. Not me. Well, they did ask but I jokingly said, “I want cash-ies in my bank account..”, eyes glittering. I’m not angry nor venting that I did not receive anything, instead am partially glad that I did not receive anything. Weird, but I don’t why either. Probably I went cuckoo.

At this point of time, as I reflect back into the life path I’ve been travelling, there is so much blessing and hope that was instilled. As the eldest in the family, I myself would be a role model to the younger ones, which is quite nonetheless important. Daddy has always taken the time to look at our needs and supplying the love and care that we needed. He goes to work late just to drive to my school and pass me my homework book that I forgotten to pack into bag, and his naggings like an old woman.

Entering the main point now - His words of encouragement and his life purposeful event was all directed to us – his children. I’m not an outstanding student in primary school, but I tried to score well, and I even got first place in class during Standard 6 (which is also the one and only time ever). That was nowhere near outstanding compared to the gleams of my dad’s eye when I broke the news to him. Looking me stepping up the stage to receive the certificate makes my dad looks like a bling bling superstar. Lols!

Well, I was also a librarian in my primary school years and what’s outstanding of being a librarian is not being superior to the other ordinary normal girls but, “Daddy, you know I learned how to stamp the date when people borrow book!” and the reply, “Wow, so clever daddy’s girl!”, now that’s outstanding-ly outstanding!

Entering a boarding school was a dear experience to me – thanks to my dad who had made the decision to put me in. Everyone, including my grandparents was furious that my dad was sending me to faraway Perlis to study. It was nothing but a real life-time experience for me that I’ve learned to be independent and new friends who are now my close dear sisters and brothers. I remember scoring a dreadful 45% for Chemistry in my trial SPM examination. Well, that’s the time where most of us would scout around for universities and wondering what we are to do next. Damn it to this one lady who had so reluctantly took me off.

Booth PIC : So what do you want to study?

Me : Pharmacy! (So full of hope..)

Booth PIC: Oh, what’s your trial SPM result for Chemistry?

Me: Erm, 45%..

Booth PIC : I’m so sorry but this is not good enough and I don’t think the university would accept you anyway. (So class punya voice somemore..)

Me: Oh yes ah? Thanquevallemud..

(PIC- person in charge)

I proceed to walk away from the booth, head down with my dad patting my back. Freaking damn it woman, I’m in Nottingham University now pursuing my Masters in Pharmacy and I’m in year 2 now leaving for the UK this coming September to embark on the VERY hard third year of a pharmacy student life. Dad was pissed off too but he knew how I felt and he said, “Proof to that lady she’s wrong, OK?”, and I believe dad is proud that I am where I am now (despite the awfully low marks I scored for my exams..Yikes!).

I’m just thankful that whenever I come to face a problem, dad was there and he not only made me feel that I am alone and sinking to the bottom but gave me words of encouragement to make me a better person, a person who’s outstanding not in other’s people view, but outstandingly outstanding in his eyes.

Want a piece of his advice? Sharing is caring, so here’s some.
“Aim for the sky. If you hit the tree top, it’s still better than the ground.”

“Don’t boy friend-girl friend at this age, make lots of friends first..”
(Lols..Well, good, close friends might appear to be your life partner in the future right?)


Pray that I'm lucky..: )

Sunday, 17 May 2009

MIA for 8 days summary

This's of 12th May 2009..

He's flurry..

He's cute..

He's handsome..

I wished I brought you back the other day..

And he passed away on the 15th of May 2009. We'll miss you. We'll surely miss you tons despite the few hours of meet and greet sessions we had.

Me and sister in the car after church today.

: )

I’ve got my new loves of songs recently and playing back tons of time doesn’t seem to irritate me.
Number 1. Wrong Number by DBSK
Number 2. No Suprise by Chris Daughtry
Number 3. Purple Line by DBSK
Number 4. Battlefield by Jordin Sparks
Number 5. Insa by JaeJoong of DBSK
Number 6. Bom Bom Pow by Black Eye Peas
Number 7. Locked In Love by James Baum
Number 8,9, and 10 would be my all time favourite
If You’re Not The One by Daniel Beddingfield

That’s my top 10 songs. Well, should probably minus the 9 and 10. Lols XD
Am-in-love with all of it.

I just can’t seem to pronounce Daughtry correctly. And that’s all attributed to my tutor Prof. Stpehen Doughty. Sounds similar right?! I went on like droughty...daughty...douthry..(SHIT..)

Well, if anyone did make an effort to view the MV by DBSK, I would say, “They’re so freakin cool..RIGHT?!”. No one would say NO. Unless you’re jealous of them, then that’s still not excusable. Cause they ARE..

Especially HERO JaeJoong..Lols..(am not kidding..he really is..)

Meh-la-di-meh-moh-he..( own version of his singing at 1:41). That part really, hits me through my spine, down my descending spinothalamic pathway and goes through the afferent to my hypothalamus and back to my efferent fibres before transmitting the “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh....”, “whaaaaaaa....”, “....................” out from my mouth.

Those who did watch American Idol, I’m so not expecting Danny Gokey to be eliminated JUST LIKE THAT! He wasn’t even in the bottom 3 throughout the season and he was eliminated in the top 3! Sobs sobs. Not fair. Why didn’t the Americans all vote enough for him to stay through for the final?!
Tak syiok like this already. I want him back! The judges wasted their vote to save Matt Giraud. Really really really. He was eliminated the next round. point..was he even that good?

I wonder is it the virus era now that all the pandemics happening are originating from them?! The world is sick. Well, maybe the virus predominates. But just not yet. Humans are still brighter, cleverer, and brain-ier. Vaccines treatment should be out, saving infected patients. Probably we should all just quiet down and pray to God to shoo away the virus. God listens, and ask and you will receive, seek and you will get. Well, that does not apply to all stuffs la of cause. : )

Was at Petaling Street last Friday after my exam for lunch and the famous tau-foo-fah (smooth and silky...~uh-la-la). And I saw someone. But I did not greet. Not that I want to. But it’s just not right. Well, the someone was happy, so why bother. I’m with darling daddy anyway. And I wasn’t really on my feet that day cause I did not sleep the night before to prepare for my exams. So, I was half conscious myself.

Time is ticking,
Time is flying,
Come UK, come UK,
Sooner or later, be it bad or better,
You’ll love it.
(This was done half conscious too at 3.20am..)

Going back to my books and past exam papers. Studying is FUN without the EXAMS. Agree!?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Beautiful Wonderful Sunday

54 Sundays' in a year but today was a special and wonderful Sunday~~

Vanilla today super obedient and indulgent..roll and roll on the floor for a few torque..and that's my bro's leg tickling him..: )

Stretching do out to show how much he loves the marble floor..cooling mah!

Lick lick to taste the coolness of the marble-licious floor..

A good pose to sum everything up..

(So kawaii right?!...0.o...agree agrees..)

U hu!My first mp3 from dear..and it's a mickey mouse Disney MPlayer..

It's super, if you're thinking of getting one, this is really worth it..It's 2GB, and the sound is not bad (Well, ignoring Sony or Apple to compare with these BIG BRANDS..)
Mickey is always the IN thing..and plus, this looks funky nice!
It comes in many colours, blue, green, white, black, pink, and others which I don't remember..
Well, it has one disadvantage which is quite the MAJOR. The life span of one time charging is..*I don't know*..cuz there's no indicator or whatever as such of whether it's quarter charged, half, three quarter of full. Which is why you won't know when it'll shut off.Dangerous hm? Charging, on the other hand needs an IT equiped Mr. Computer or Mr. Laptop which USB port is functioning well. Else, the gadjet itself would be totally useless until it's charged and plays the songs you've transferred into it.
Well, my personal opinion : Manufacturing downpoint but still featury usable..

Next on the story..

Guess what?!

Lancome in their mobile try-on mascara(vibrating one eh..)
And so I was thinking why is it made vibrating..What's the function huh?!
Anyway, it was awesome la! Free of charge what! And I get lengthened eyelashes, bigger looking eyes (or not?!), and some other free stuffs..

Free make-up base and complimentary eyebrow trimming!!

And the result...

Am Loving maximum-city!

Can't resist to take some beautilicous pictures. Alter all,this doesn't come everyday.Click, clicks, clickers!!

Ah, It's been ages since three of us took some three-some-quality pictures..
Cam-whore, set-timer, put on tv and pose!LOlsz..

That's me and brother..

Take 2!

Me and bubbly nice pict is all you need!: )

The main point to point out on this day is not all of the above but...

Happy Mother's Day
I still Love you like I usually do
We all still love you...
And I mean ALL OF US..

Thursday, 7 May 2009

OSCE stands for..

Finished my OSCE oral test. That's one down!Wait till i get to know what OSCE stands for then i'll post it up..: )
Everything went well, except for the fact that the first room I entered, I was so darn 'lucky' to meet the 'garang-est' (well, by the look..) tutor, Dr Ting..OMG, I forgot what the medicine is for and I simply blabber all the way..time was not sufficient for the scenarios..oh God, pls help me score..

Second room was on medication history taking which Mr Wong utter only 1 medicine each time i ask "Is there any other medications you're on?"..and i think i've repeated that 7-8 times..Thanks and Bye-bye to my 4minutes..

Third room was the best and so far, the best of the best-est la..Mr KK Lee was Mrs Wilson as per written on the manuscript..this one sufficient time and i managed to say, "take care and hope you get well soon..."
*muaksz to that*!

These are my happy faces after finish exams..

But i think my appetite is still suppressed..cuz I don't eat much these days!Going for egg-on-bread ('min bao dan') tomorrow..

For long haven't seen my baby boy, he has grown...a lil..

He's one hard-headed dog which don't listen no matter how many times you whack him..

This's the view of Kledang Hill from my house..(i was the taking the sky actually, but there are still visible hills..)

Last week the whole family went to Swimming Club and, we spent a great amount of hours there..

Me and Nie after our very strenous exercise..sweaty and all..

Mummy's wearing my swimming suit cuz she doesn't have one!and she complains it's too tight..well, of cuz la!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Last day lab-ing..

Michelle, Me and Kar Lai..

4 of us brushing, brushing, brushing, and brushing and brushing for 5-6 hours..

See how serious am I..: )

Would be down in KL after this and would be back on Thurs right after exam to catch American Idol!!
Danny Gokey GO GO GO!


A Sunday in MidValley's Delifrance..

Nie nie, Daddy and Jojo

Ben and Mummy

Me and Ben

I was too hungry that when i remember the camera is beside me, this's all left..

We ordered the set menu lunch..the portion was big and the root beer taste weird..the desert was OK and the best was their appetizer la..garlic bread with mushroom soup (which was finished faster and much earlier before i even remember to take any pictures of it..)
Ipoh's JJ Delifrance can close shop..everything don't things don't have, everything don't have!!except for the 'specialty' long bread..

This's my family..
I would say a very valuable family potrait..well, god knows why..

This stays in my heart forever, whether it would remain as such..or not..
God's blessing be with us all..

p/s: And whoever bastards out there who had given us a hard time, just watch your time has yet to come..but it's coming..this, I PROMISE YOU..mark my words..
We're coming when you're not expecting us..