Thursday, 7 May 2009

OSCE stands for..

Finished my OSCE oral test. That's one down!Wait till i get to know what OSCE stands for then i'll post it up..: )
Everything went well, except for the fact that the first room I entered, I was so darn 'lucky' to meet the 'garang-est' (well, by the look..) tutor, Dr Ting..OMG, I forgot what the medicine is for and I simply blabber all the way..time was not sufficient for the scenarios..oh God, pls help me score..

Second room was on medication history taking which Mr Wong utter only 1 medicine each time i ask "Is there any other medications you're on?"..and i think i've repeated that 7-8 times..Thanks and Bye-bye to my 4minutes..

Third room was the best and so far, the best of the best-est la..Mr KK Lee was Mrs Wilson as per written on the manuscript..this one sufficient time and i managed to say, "take care and hope you get well soon..."
*muaksz to that*!

These are my happy faces after finish exams..

But i think my appetite is still suppressed..cuz I don't eat much these days!Going for egg-on-bread ('min bao dan') tomorrow..

For long haven't seen my baby boy, he has grown...a lil..

He's one hard-headed dog which don't listen no matter how many times you whack him..

This's the view of Kledang Hill from my house..(i was the taking the sky actually, but there are still visible hills..)

Last week the whole family went to Swimming Club and, we spent a great amount of hours there..

Me and Nie after our very strenous exercise..sweaty and all..

Mummy's wearing my swimming suit cuz she doesn't have one!and she complains it's too tight..well, of cuz la!

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