Sunday, 10 May 2009

Beautiful Wonderful Sunday

54 Sundays' in a year but today was a special and wonderful Sunday~~

Vanilla today super obedient and indulgent..roll and roll on the floor for a few torque..and that's my bro's leg tickling him..: )

Stretching do out to show how much he loves the marble floor..cooling mah!

Lick lick to taste the coolness of the marble-licious floor..

A good pose to sum everything up..

(So kawaii right?!...0.o...agree agrees..)

U hu!My first mp3 from dear..and it's a mickey mouse Disney MPlayer..

It's super, if you're thinking of getting one, this is really worth it..It's 2GB, and the sound is not bad (Well, ignoring Sony or Apple to compare with these BIG BRANDS..)
Mickey is always the IN thing..and plus, this looks funky nice!
It comes in many colours, blue, green, white, black, pink, and others which I don't remember..
Well, it has one disadvantage which is quite the MAJOR. The life span of one time charging is..*I don't know*..cuz there's no indicator or whatever as such of whether it's quarter charged, half, three quarter of full. Which is why you won't know when it'll shut off.Dangerous hm? Charging, on the other hand needs an IT equiped Mr. Computer or Mr. Laptop which USB port is functioning well. Else, the gadjet itself would be totally useless until it's charged and plays the songs you've transferred into it.
Well, my personal opinion : Manufacturing downpoint but still featury usable..

Next on the story..

Guess what?!

Lancome in their mobile try-on mascara(vibrating one eh..)
And so I was thinking why is it made vibrating..What's the function huh?!
Anyway, it was awesome la! Free of charge what! And I get lengthened eyelashes, bigger looking eyes (or not?!), and some other free stuffs..

Free make-up base and complimentary eyebrow trimming!!

And the result...

Am Loving maximum-city!

Can't resist to take some beautilicous pictures. Alter all,this doesn't come everyday.Click, clicks, clickers!!

Ah, It's been ages since three of us took some three-some-quality pictures..
Cam-whore, set-timer, put on tv and pose!LOlsz..

That's me and brother..

Take 2!

Me and bubbly nice pict is all you need!: )

The main point to point out on this day is not all of the above but...

Happy Mother's Day
I still Love you like I usually do
We all still love you...
And I mean ALL OF US..

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