Saturday, 23 May 2009

We all live in perfect peace and harmony

Hi, I'm white, internally but I'm encapsulated by an external layer. People would call me 'chap-chung', or preferably 'cham'. I don't mind, cause I think I'm more of a faker. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Nice on the outside, the inside, well, you have to judge it for yourself.
(what the hell, I don't know how is it related. But let's just follow the story..)
I am as you can see could not stand vertically, but I could roll about horizontally in manners you could never ever imagine. Twist, release, dissolve, THE END.

I'm White. Don't mistaken me for Paracetamol. Uphamol 365 however is my elder Brother. Anyway, I'm a pure breed of my species, totally white. And that's why I'm also called 'Purity'. I come from the very special ethnic of 'The Purity-ness', whereby people of my type are typically phenotype identical and you can surely differentiate me from the other ethnics very much ethe asy.

I'm Orange, inside out and outside in. I've got some specks of white freckles on me. Well, that does not make me an 'ang-moh', but it's just something I applied onto myself earlier on, so that I look more Outstanding than Capsule and Purity.
(Plain orange don't work..)

Us 3 lives together in total harmony despite our differences and basically there's no language barrier cause all we had to do is just to follow and walk down the path of Gastrointestinal Tract. Which is also our alma mater of life.

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