Sunday, 17 May 2009

MIA for 8 days summary

This's of 12th May 2009..

He's flurry..

He's cute..

He's handsome..

I wished I brought you back the other day..

And he passed away on the 15th of May 2009. We'll miss you. We'll surely miss you tons despite the few hours of meet and greet sessions we had.

Me and sister in the car after church today.

: )

I’ve got my new loves of songs recently and playing back tons of time doesn’t seem to irritate me.
Number 1. Wrong Number by DBSK
Number 2. No Suprise by Chris Daughtry
Number 3. Purple Line by DBSK
Number 4. Battlefield by Jordin Sparks
Number 5. Insa by JaeJoong of DBSK
Number 6. Bom Bom Pow by Black Eye Peas
Number 7. Locked In Love by James Baum
Number 8,9, and 10 would be my all time favourite
If You’re Not The One by Daniel Beddingfield

That’s my top 10 songs. Well, should probably minus the 9 and 10. Lols XD
Am-in-love with all of it.

I just can’t seem to pronounce Daughtry correctly. And that’s all attributed to my tutor Prof. Stpehen Doughty. Sounds similar right?! I went on like droughty...daughty...douthry..(SHIT..)

Well, if anyone did make an effort to view the MV by DBSK, I would say, “They’re so freakin cool..RIGHT?!”. No one would say NO. Unless you’re jealous of them, then that’s still not excusable. Cause they ARE..

Especially HERO JaeJoong..Lols..(am not kidding..he really is..)

Meh-la-di-meh-moh-he..( own version of his singing at 1:41). That part really, hits me through my spine, down my descending spinothalamic pathway and goes through the afferent to my hypothalamus and back to my efferent fibres before transmitting the “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh....”, “whaaaaaaa....”, “....................” out from my mouth.

Those who did watch American Idol, I’m so not expecting Danny Gokey to be eliminated JUST LIKE THAT! He wasn’t even in the bottom 3 throughout the season and he was eliminated in the top 3! Sobs sobs. Not fair. Why didn’t the Americans all vote enough for him to stay through for the final?!
Tak syiok like this already. I want him back! The judges wasted their vote to save Matt Giraud. Really really really. He was eliminated the next round. point..was he even that good?

I wonder is it the virus era now that all the pandemics happening are originating from them?! The world is sick. Well, maybe the virus predominates. But just not yet. Humans are still brighter, cleverer, and brain-ier. Vaccines treatment should be out, saving infected patients. Probably we should all just quiet down and pray to God to shoo away the virus. God listens, and ask and you will receive, seek and you will get. Well, that does not apply to all stuffs la of cause. : )

Was at Petaling Street last Friday after my exam for lunch and the famous tau-foo-fah (smooth and silky...~uh-la-la). And I saw someone. But I did not greet. Not that I want to. But it’s just not right. Well, the someone was happy, so why bother. I’m with darling daddy anyway. And I wasn’t really on my feet that day cause I did not sleep the night before to prepare for my exams. So, I was half conscious myself.

Time is ticking,
Time is flying,
Come UK, come UK,
Sooner or later, be it bad or better,
You’ll love it.
(This was done half conscious too at 3.20am..)

Going back to my books and past exam papers. Studying is FUN without the EXAMS. Agree!?


SL said...

Who is that 'someone'? There are two ppl in my mind.. hmm....

Jojo said...

Who you think that someone would be?!hmm..

ws said...

but at the end, u scored A1 rght???

Jojo said...

ha?!scored A1 for what?!