Monday, 4 May 2009


A Sunday in MidValley's Delifrance..

Nie nie, Daddy and Jojo

Ben and Mummy

Me and Ben

I was too hungry that when i remember the camera is beside me, this's all left..

We ordered the set menu lunch..the portion was big and the root beer taste weird..the desert was OK and the best was their appetizer la..garlic bread with mushroom soup (which was finished faster and much earlier before i even remember to take any pictures of it..)
Ipoh's JJ Delifrance can close shop..everything don't things don't have, everything don't have!!except for the 'specialty' long bread..

This's my family..
I would say a very valuable family potrait..well, god knows why..

This stays in my heart forever, whether it would remain as such..or not..
God's blessing be with us all..

p/s: And whoever bastards out there who had given us a hard time, just watch your time has yet to come..but it's coming..this, I PROMISE YOU..mark my words..
We're coming when you're not expecting us..


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