Monday, 25 May 2009

Little monsters

My sister entered matriculation all the way in Gambang, Pahang. Without her presence here, it does feel lonely. I've got the whole queen size bed all to myself, instead of a quarter of the bed when she's here. I've got holidays till September. So, suppose I still do have some time with her.

Well, started off this early morning at 7am to Gambang and reached about 11.30am. That's pretty fast. I think daddy sped at 150kmph all the way. Phew!

It was really hectic for the registration process, altho I'm not involved. Everything was done at 2pm except for the dorm keys which can only be collected at 2.30pm. In the mean time while waiting, we shifted what called a total of 60kg stuffs up three storeys. Or probably more.

On my first step into the hostel ground, I felt this sudden tight grip at the back of my leg. Very very tight grip. And it felt heavy. What my reflex told me to do is to sweep that darn thing off. After a few swept, it flew off and gave a thud sound on the ground. Horrorfully, it's the Black Little Monster.

Alright, I thought it was just that one and only one. To my horror, awfulness and ewwiness, I saw the whole family tree there. All around the place. On the stairs, hundreds of them, wriggling their feet and back spinning. It was really all over the place! Toilet, washing sink, everywhere!Ugh..

It's like they're saying, "Welcome to ourz territoriez..". Bug Bug.


ws said...

kmph, nice place..i was there orientation was sucks..i still remember..

Jojo said...

not nice many little monsters..