Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Unforgettable Genting

Exams ended, Holidays come.
Mali Mali Hooome!

Genting with KarLai, MeiKee, Shanice, WaiXin, QiHua and LiPing.

First Day
Reaching up, we were quite tired so we rested in the room and had our saloon sessions. Thanks to the mag Qihua brought up.Lols!

Since it was MeiKee's birthday not long ago, we planned a surprise sort-of-party for her, which was doomed. Well, me and Bing was caught peeking and curiosity perks. So, we ended up all sitting at the table.

And some of us ended up in the casino doing a one-round trip and exited less than 10 minutes later.

We went back to room and enjoyed a little rest before scaring ourselves in the Haunted Adventure of Werewolves.

Well, this time wasn't that bad compared to first. Probably it's due to 15+ group of people entering and cramping against each other to ease of the scariness those "werewolves" are giving us.

We went back to room and had our 'alcoholic' session. The flavor initially was terrible cuz we added some peach carbonated drink to it. Bing couldn't gulp it down and said it tasted like Chivas. Lols! I had 2 shots and went to put on my face mask, continue to lie on the bed and there I went off to Alice's Wonderland.

Second Day
Since we only had 2 rooms, we had only 4 breakfast. Thus 7-4=3 could not go eat, where we ended up eating MeiKee's cake. Patheticfication. Anyways, we headed out for outdoor theme park and played a few couple of games. We went on Spinner, Super Tobogan, Merry-Go-Round, Cyclone, Bumper Boat, Pirate Ship, Fun Kart and Space Shot.

The highlights of the day.

1. We were all excited queuing up for Bumper Boat and hoped on the boat after 30+ minutes waiting time. We even chose which boat we want. Lols! After 20 minutes of bumping water into each other, we jumped off our boats and up the platform and continue on our next destination. KarLai was no where to be seen after all of us were up. Guess what happen?

2. LiPing, QiHua and WaiXin were off to some booths where people play those 'Pick Up The Ducks'. As the worker was so eager to demonstrate how to play, so happen that Bing was standing in his way. Thus the worker politely said.....Guess what?

We were laughing off our ass when he heard of it and gosh, after being up in Genting so many times, this was totally unbelievably true shocking crap.

Third Day
We woke up and this time, it was out turn to have breakfast! Buffet breakfast and not cake for breakfast. After that, we went out to do some walking and checked-out about 12 noon, en routing back to KL.

Bye Bye Genting.

Oh ya, Guess what happen?
1. We heard somebody saying, "Someone fell inside the water..". We were outside, "Huh?!". KarLai was soaking wet up to her waist when we rushed in to see her. She don't-know-how fell into the water and luckily she held the bar, which saved her upper part from dipping into the water.

2. He said, "Leng Chai, excuse me..". And there was a moment of staring between Bing and the worker. "What's the matter?", the worker asked, looking at WaiXin, "Er, is girl or guy ah?", the reply went, "GIRL AHHHHH!!!"
And the worker still have the guts to say, "Oh, sorry ah, but anyhow, you do like a guy.."

That's the family trip we had up there!

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