Friday, 26 June 2009

Hong Kong Part 1

Hong Kong trip from 21st-24th June 2009.

It was a duo trip of me and brother. Landed HK and proceeded to the immigration. Somehow, my brother was held back and was escorted by 4 masked personel at the health check desk while I passed. Scared the hell out of me! See see, he went and tick he had cough on the health declaration form. Fuh~!
(It's kinda funny to hear the air-stewardess pronouncing declaration as 'decoration'...)

"Please fill in the health decoration form.." (Lols..)

Reached hotel around 11.30pm and proceeded to walk out to find our dinner. It was way pass midnight and the stalls are still open. With people. And we proceeded back to the hotel room around 1.30am. The shops are still half-packed with people.

First day
We went first to Repulse Bay (Chin Sui Wan)
There was nothing much to my interest except the beachside. Well, our tour guide explained what each god statue represents and then we're off on our own. Thanks to the high humidity there despite being windy and cosy, I had salty sweats on my back and my arm. Ewh, there goes my perfume.

You see the round white colour circle behind? Dunno lar, the tour guide say one, "People step across without steeping on the white circle.." and I forgot what's next but it's like step already then you'll be unlucky that sort.

Kuan Yin behind us. It was quite weird looking at why people stand at one specific area and pray. There's a small square carved on the floor where underneath, I think they buried something inside. So, stand there, pray, done, NEXT!

Uhm, this one I dunno is what. Sorry!!

Oh, this fish, I didn't know what it was (well!?) until I read NicoleKiss and people throw money into the fish mouth. OOooooo...
I don't see anyone throwing money in...only camera addicts, standing all over taking pictures.

This one I know. LONG LIFE BRIGDE. Cross one time, life extended by 3 days. Well, my life's extended 3 days from the existing one.

This one is......?! NicoleKiss has the explaination I think.

Tian .....dunno duno dunnoooo....

This is the best among the rest! I mean the coordinate. See the water behind? Sometimes during high tide, the water would splash up and wet the whole area. AWESOME!!

Eh wait, got pearl leh!

Errr, I dunno who's this also. Looks like those Maharaja giving out order. Hmm...

Got clock and the temperature to let us see also.

This is the shore. The sand looks delicious. Not like Malaysia one. Sometimes got small like crabholes..Eww...

Aberdeen Fishing Village was next
We hitched on a sampan which brings us round the river from one end to another costing 50HKD per person. We went to the rich side first, where the famous JUMBO restaurant is situated. Too bad I can't even set my foot on it, I've only enough amount to maybe visit their toilet, or maybe have their plain rice. It's for the rich! So I had to back out.

Got cute colourful tanglungs hanging above one. Very Chinese New Year feel when board the sampan. Or MoonCake Festival?

Nah, the ex-si-pen-sieve JUMBO famous floating restaurant behind! Ceh, must take ferry to go there somemore. So big shot. I wanna be one next time.

Also, there are many yatches around, some belonging to the rich, some of the actor and actresses and the others to those who-can-afford-one. Some look small but who knows, they might have a submarine submerged underneath. That's a whole new world then.

Then we toured to the other end, the poor side. Hmph, all I could see here was kayu-made sampan, some pretty tall, some just as short as the normal ones.

Victoria Peak
Last but not least, it's Victoria Peak. This one I highly recommend that it's a must visit. You get to sit a tram up, which slants over 45 degree. Luckily the tour guide warned us not to stand. Upon reaching up, we entered Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Well, I'm excited! (ahaha, normal for every first timer..)
Then it was next to some Jewellery shop and some ginger shop. WTF. Crap. No need talk about it.


Reached the peak. Pose with tram first.

It's really 45 degree one OK! Like got gravity pulling you down..A bit 'san fu'..

Ok. Madame Tussauds in the next upcoming post!

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