Saturday, 31 January 2009

1st February 2009

WTF...really beh tahan weh..

Was watching Melodi at TV3 bout the Malaysian celebs..
There's this husband and wife whose wife..uhm, well..smtg happened to their marriage and some misunderstanding arise..the husband however was a real jerk in my opinion..he gave all the 'unacceptable' excuses bout how his wife should come and minta ampun from the husband, she should put on a tudung, cannot go out with orang bukan mukrim sendiri (i wonder what that means...), cannot go out for lunch/ dinner/ breakfast etc with guys, etc etc....

OMG..i say this is totally insane...what the hell is going on in his head...

This world now is an open minded one one covers up themselves like...well, whatever..look into the media and evevrything..everyone's following the's not that they're against what is taught but just let them have the freedom to do and accomplished what the ought to do...

Imagine makan with your guy fren is that how she met him in the first place?!ha?!forever no need married lor..think jodoh just drop down from heaven and 'TADAH'..hey, I'm made for i am...!!!! crap la..

Just F.O.S...(full of shit...)
Sorry for the eww-viness...tee-hee-hee...

Last time bout Yoga being prohibited to be practised by Muslims...oh can their teeny weeny brain can even think of how it is connected?!?!Yoga having some Buddhist and Hindu elements would affect the Islams?!!holly shit...It's just a form of exercise OK?!takkan practising Yoga the elements would meresap into your skin and bone and into your HOLY SOUL?!ffuhh...this is beyond imagination..don't breath the same air as we do la then..the aura and elements can seep into the deepest core of your body unit cells too you KNOW?!?!

Haiz..topic end...

Friday, 30 January 2009

31st January 2009


5 days without the internet is......still bearable...

Just came back from the usual yearly chinese new year tour to Sitiawan on lunar new year and 2nd day of chinese new year in Malacca till today...

Trully tired and exhausting...

And nothing worth as much as being back home...HOME SWEET HOME....

Will update on the on-goings tml or later...getting my ass to bed now..beh tahan already...


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

22nd January 2009

Oh gawd, you know how good it feels right after your exams?!totally..phew..everything off shoulders!!shoo shoo away..nothing to worry about, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing!!!

Right after exam last Friday, 10 of us went MidValley to splurge ourselves!!!Firstly to the long lost touch entertainment scene - the CINEMA...whoa~!feels like heaven when we reach there scrolling and screening through the list of movies we wanted to watch..and we ended up watching 'Bedtime Stories'..i have been anticipating to watch that movie since it was screened and imagining tahan-ing for 2 bloody long weeks after that then only can watch!!sheesh...but anyway, it was worth the wait!!!nice know, imagine you REALLY REALLY can have your bedtime stories come to life?!well, though i don't have but it would be nice..

And we went on to Chillis to chill ourselves a lil..rewarding ourselves for the huge effort during the exam period and was totally suprise that they bought a cakie for me...AWww..thanks ya'all..

And the best thing is I have the cake all to myself!!!!cause everyone was full after eating..lols!!!nyums~!

Went over to Hui's place to hang around and was planning to shop the next day...but well, some complication arises but we ended up shopping together another day..and i went shopping alone till bout 6pm before Carmen came over to walk with me..Aww, how sweet..

Went out with Kael-Li and Adeline on Monday too to the same place i went for the past 2 days...
Times Square and Sg Wang..OMG, for 3 consecutive days..quite the..speechless...
plus plus...i walked from like 3pm till the shops close..for 3 days!!

And i bought 6 garments for less than RM150..good deal i would say..hehes!!!

KaelLi, Me and Adeline...

My goodness..i love this dress a lot!!!but it's too's nice but it's not worth the price...sobs sobs...= (

hahas..had this one while Hui was trying in the fitting room...

And Hui painted my nails for me with the stars~!tinkle tinkle...= )
I coloured my toes myself lar of cuz..not that bad stars only..

BFFs...Hui and Carmen...Thanks it so much...

Can't wait for my bro and sis to come back...hoho..had been a long time since we kick and hit each other!!!!Looking forward for this Friday and Saturday...miss ya both..

Got to go to beds now. Nights.
Moon & Stars. (I like this element..It's just...BeaUtiFul...)

Friday, 16 January 2009

17th January 2009

Oh no..didn't have the time to post a birthday post for me brother..anyway, happy birthday dear ben...= )hope u had a blast!!!= )

And...finally,exams are over!!!

this also marks the beginning of SHOPPING spree..

Which would take place today after 12pm...hehe!!!

And i got to go to bed now...


Friday, 2 January 2009

3rd January 2009

What a wonderful day...~!tra-la-la...

WHy?!Because i get to drive HONDA ACCORD..Lols!!I know not big deal la BUT i wanted to drive this car since long long time ago after it was released in the market!!Cun what the car..well,not the new model and I'm not sure which model is it..Aiyah,I'll take a picture tommorow instead!!haha..

I tell you i tell you..the car was great!!the pick-up was ichiban!!the aerodynamicity is to good to be true..sobs sobs..I wanna cry after telling all these..Happy tears wei!!Not the bad side..

Oh yeah, and went to had a RM2 car wash..lols!!

Yeap,and i manage to take a picture!!!see the bubble foam behind?!?!= )
Uh well, not that significant hm..Nvm nvm..

And at least I still have a day or two to self-pronounced the car belongs to Josephine Wong Yunn Shyuan!!Anyhoo, it belongs to my uncle all the way from Singapore!!

Thanks dear for these..

Yeap, I get to clean my lappie screen with appropriate usage of a clothe, a duster and a sprayer..?!?!lols..

And a computer mini vacuum..

VRoom-vrOOm-VroOM...I'm vibrating together with the vacuum..ugh..
Hey, it really comes in handy kay!!!= )

Ait, today went on to Bank Islam for cash withdrawal..Wanna make full use of the money so deposited it in...SOMEWHERE..
And while waiting for Daddy kau-tim his tribunal cases with some unbelieveable atrocious businessman/woman...I make full use of my HP camera..LOLs..

Just one la..okay?!

Phew, now the HOT CHILLI PEPPER case comes in..
This one really unbelieveable atrocious donkey monkey crab dopey dwarfism la-la-ism and everything bad -ism lar!!!
Lappie got problems with the Windows and need reformating as told by the HP service centre but they do charge for that..BUT, one kind soul Jason was well enough to teach me how to do and NO teaching fees was required of cuz..

Then i called COMCITY (place where i bought my lappie)...
Daddy was on the line first..(FYI, my dad already told them there is a problem with my laptop within the first week after the purchase but told them i was away in KL and would only come back in December to resolve the problem..)

and the phone was passed on to me..
She: Hello, Ms Josephine ah..HP centre sure will charge for the service they provide one..

Me: OKOK..('s still under INTERNATIONAL waranty k!!charge my ass...)

She: Then now your dad say he already file a complaint to me within a week after you bought your laptop...

Me: Yah Yah..

She: But I dun Remember (Alzhemier meh?!at least record down your customers complaint lar!!!don't know how to do business meh...)...Anyway, we charge you cheaper..usually is RM60 but now i charge you RM30 only..

Me: But my dad told you the problem within a week..

She: I know..When you buy it?!

Me: In the PIKOM PC fair last September lar..

She: OOOhhh..Cuz you bought it in September and now December only you bring back to us so we charge you RM30 lor..if less than 3 months we charge you RM15 only..(What the hell..i say bought in July then you charge me 60bucks ah?!)

Me: My dad already tell you the problem after a week we bought OKAY!!!

She: OK, like that la, you bring your laptop here and we see what's your problem..

Me: OK lor!!

But due to time constraint and the urgency to use my lappie, i reformated myself..bought myself 10's DVD for the recovery file and backup all datas myself..which was not SHORT!!!it took me few hours to complete everything...


People charge RM0.00 for their RECOVERY WINDOWS, BACKUP DATA service ah..and YOU dare charge me RM30 because i went in 3months late?!?!
wtf wtf wtf..

You are so gonna get it from me when I return to Ipoh after my exams!!!argh!!!And it's still under the 1 year International Warranty!!!I'm so not satisfied..SEE YOU IN COURT..ahakzs..kidding kidding..
See you after my exams!!


Thursday, 1 January 2009

2nd January 2009

The 2nd day of 2009!!!!

I'm happy, I'm dilated, I'm overjoyed, I'm filled with new spirits!!!!
Well, mostly that's because it's ...

to my dear sister..muaksz!!Tho she's NS, but she'll sure know that we're wishing her..
So, here's a temporary birthday cake for you..a real one will be coming sooner or later k..

And as for today..I'm pretty much bored..imaging you have ntg else to do except looking at your lectures notes plus memorizing plus remembering plus chewing plus masticating plus kunyah-ing plus mixing it with the saliva plus making it into a bolus plus forcing it down through your alimentary pathway plus the forgot-what-wave (oh ya!!peristalsis..) plus yeah, the digestion and most important the storage..not to be excreted till the paper is sat for!!!!!!

I have a feeling smtg is not done yet...but i don't know what it is...!!!!figuring figuring figuring...

figuring still...

And..I don't know what it is..

Have to finish my NMR notes till then..