Saturday, 26 July 2008

26th July 2008

Eh, time passes by so fast..

I don't wanna leave Singapore yet..I love this place..


Oh well, goin out na na~!

Can't wait Can't wait...

I've got a sorethroat..ohmigosh..don't feel well..crap..

All because of YOU talk talk..bodo gila babi...= p
can't have my beauty sleep..hmph~!
U've got much to pay for this..

In the mean time,i'll drink lots of water..drink drink drink...

Uhm,haven't been updating for quite some time..will update once this weekend pass..lots of things to splurt..tadah~!


Friday, 18 July 2008

18th July 2008


Just finished watching Singapore's 9pm show -"BEACH BALL BABES"..Well,i know the show is kinda..erm,i don't know how to categorize it but anyhoo, i still seems to make an effort to carry my ass in front of the TV to watch it..LOLs..

Well,the cast are -
Jesseca Liu(as Cai Yanfang), Dawn Yeoh(as Wang Sihang/Sixing), Joanne Peh(as Rainie Liu Feng/Liu Xuan), Christopher Lee(as Pierre Ma Tianwu), Cui Peng(as Yan Feipeng), Jerry Yeo(as Cai Guorong), Pan Lingling(as Wang Yiyan), Richard Low(as Wang Weixiong), etc etc...

Jesseca Liu and Christopher Lee are Malaysians..well,they're now MediaCorp artist..hoho,guess Malaysia can't go any further in the media field huh?!such good looking and talented people are foreseen..

Even back home in Ipoh, there would only be 2 channels i'll be tuning to..8tv and ntv7..well,only this 2 broadcast nice shows!!and their MCs are well off better than the TV1,TV2,TV3 and TV9 ones..which are oh-so-boring..

One thing which really pissed me off is that the F1 Race which was all the while broadcast by 8tv switched over to TV2..alright,that's one thing..secondly, 8TV used to broadcast the race LIVE..This donkey-mule-ass-hole-TV2-which-don't-deserve-to-broadcast it AT ALL had it DELAYED..erm,what's the term?!urh,well..NOT LIVE la~!
which is why i never watched it anymore..unless there's ASTRO la..haha!!
Luckily that Michael has retired from the not i have..NO,I MEAN I WILL sit down - watching the race broadcast hours and hours and hours soooo much more later..

Michael schumacher...uh-la-la..i'm his ultimate fan..yea yea..he's cool,he's fast,he's..oh so macho..haha!!he's the MAN!!yahoooo....(erm,forgive ma crapiness)

Don't you just love him?!hmmmm....

Erm,OK..i've been in the office from 9.30am till now..and my aunt's still stuck to the computer doing some accounts and tally-ing them..aih-yo-yor...

Oh,just now this Uncle bought hotdog waffle and offered..NO,gave one..while i was on the phone with my Aunt (she's asking what i want for dinner lo..)

*showing the waffle to me*
*i took it*
*hang up phone*
Uncle : How was it?Nice?
Me : Yea yea,very nice!
*i haven't landed a bite on it YET*
*Uncle looking at me*
Uncle : Wahlao..u haven't bite already say nice?!
Me : Ah...haha!i bite the crumbs by the side ma..nice nice...
Uncle : Good good..
*i went inside resting room watch TV a while*
*come out*
Uncle : How was it?!nice isit?
Me : Yea, very nice!
Uncle : Want one more stick a not?
*Looking at uncle..eyes big big*
Me : ah...haha!!yes yes~!
Uncle : Wahlao eh...this girl very easy to kena 'wai-sek'!
*Everyone in the office laughs*

And aunty 'ta-pau' satay bi-hun for me..nyum nyum..nice!(AGAIN!?!) is ma..
The uncle was like "Wha,just now she eat 2 sticks girl,u still can eat ah?"..LOLx!

Oh-oh,uncle just came back from his meeting..ah,i wanna go home..SOS!!
i need the bathroom...i need my dear pillow..i need my eeyore..


Thursday, 17 July 2008

17th July 2008

These days kinda busy..but still able to steal some time off..i'm not at all sleepy today..which i kinda weird..haha!!

Come to think of brings me back to those times where there are happiness and sometimes, sadness..but all in all..LOVE is LOVE..

I've experienced it..and,'s so true..u'll come to know of it when the time is right..when YOUR time has'll go as per plan-ed..

You just couldn't get enough of everything when LOVE is there.
You want everything in anything out of from the other.
You just want it.

Yea,i just come to know how hurtful are those who are being left.
Those who suffered from heartache and the time needed to heal oneself.
I've given such feeling to someone, and now, someone has returned me such feeling.
Anyhow, we've been together before and possess a little understanding of each other.
Although we couldn't be an item, we could still be friends..
Friends that are worth much more than anything else..

It is indeed..
Love is a moment I wished could last forever.
Love is simple yet certain circumstances..


I assume you can sense my mood swings here.Well..
things are better left unsaid than said..
truths are better not known than known..

Alright,i got to go back to copying and pasting..

Uncle Ron planned a Jap Buffet this Sunday..which I think would be nice..especially the one with baby octopus on it..lols!
well,thanks to YOU( you know who you are ) for teaching me to eat this..not-so-nice-to-look at all creature..
Had a VERY hearty meal yest at 11.15pm..a packet of Punggol Nasi Lemak all to myself and a VERY BIG piece of drumstick..i guess i could skip all the meals today..


with this emo kinda feeling..i'm on Word writting..No, drafting a story..LOLs..uhm,CRAP a bunch lot..
many a little and much a less..

There's an "US" song for me..
First was 'Jie Kou' by Jay Chou then 'Wo Xian Zhai Hen Xiang Jian Ni' by Daniel Lee..kinda sweet to think of it..
my Fav remains with 'If you're not the one' by Daniel Beddingfield..

I don't feel any right now..sign off first..


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

15th July 2008

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED...

yea,tat's today..looking at the computer for like..11hrs..copying and pasting name n

Forget bout that..

alrite alrite..

Last Sat worked half day..

Went for pedi n mani with aunt at bencoolen mall..first time weh!sooo nice..haha!loving it much much..(wat?!dun laugh dun laugh!!)

then Qian Hwei msn-ed me and yay!we went out in the evening..around Bugis n shop shop,i think she's now the mirror image of Hui..oh gosh,if both of them are out together,i think i'll be left with ntg at all..GIRLS spending power..jeng jeng jeng~

and then went a while to Clarke Quay..didn't stay long cuz need to catch the last train..haha!~wasted...cis cis...

Sunday my uncle had house warming in Cassia Crescent..the food was niceee!got sushi n cupcakes~!mm mm mm mm ...saliva dripping = p

n then went to T3 in Changi...well,it wasn't like what i expected it to's HUGE yea..but..seem to be a little deserted..hoho!!walk n walk n walk around till nite n went over to Ang Mo Kio' MELLBEN to eat the very very nice crab,that's smtg worth to spend!!the crab is...HUGE..MEATY..SWEET..PERFECT!!

n back home,i fall flat on the bed after bathe...TIRED n EXHAUSTED..

Monday..which was yesterday..went out with Ling n Fanny...n Ling's bro for dinner..haha!!Thanks for the meal in GARUDA yea~!
was nice meeting them..after soooo long..haha...went to Häagen-Dazs later and chatted all the way till 11 smtg...i ate..Royal Choc smtg smtg..was nice!!nyum..and it cost me $14.90...hoho!!

anyway,i fall flat too after i reach home...


got to go now!!


Friday, 11 July 2008

phew~!today finished the job which was yesterday's "leftover"..

pages n web sites i've clicked on..A-Z where 1 page have a list of 24..26x24=..brain not functionng..uhm,n nescafe isn't helping a teeny weeny either..

The delivery uncle who went over to the dmobo service centre in Jay Gee to check my sis's HP came back with BAD NEWS..the shop 'sudah tutup' was bad enough when i called the shop where we bought the phone...

-------------------------------start conversation------------------------------------
*humbling myself to be be polite*
me: hi!afternoon!i've got this dmobo mickey mouse HP bought from ur shop..n there're
some problem with it..i went over yesterday and u called me to call the service
centre..Unfortunately,the number is NOT IN USE...
HE: oh,well,erm...
me: you see,i'm not local and i came all the way here,to SINGAPORE to fix my phone..
-yea,i'm exageratting a lil..who cares?!-
HE: wow,u came all the way here JUST to repair the hp?!
-WTF wtf...
me: YES..and i want to get it fix ASAP..
HE: oh well,since the number is not in use right,the shop might not be there anymore!
me: huh?!okay,then what should i do IF it really closed shop?
HE: well,we can't do anything so i suggest you go and BUY ANOTHER NEW PHONE..
-mother $&*%^#$%!!..-
me: what u mean buy another phone?!i came to fix this and you call me to buy another
one..even if i were to buy another one..i still wanna get this FIX!!
HE: oh,but we can't do anything since we're only the authorized dealer..
me: uh..fine..i'll go over and check whether the company's still there
tomorrow..thanks anyways..bye!
-politeness still..!~Fake...
HE: ok,bye!

-----------------------------------end conversation----------------------------------

yea,so..KIASU asshole!!(erm,sorry for the rudeness..)

Buy another,that's what i want for the past few years OK after using my 8310 for 7 long years..BUT BUT BUT...8310's a DAMN good phone despite the look and appearance of it NOW la..but i covered it up with cutesy fishy sticker..LOLx!i remember having it fall down 1 floor in my house..i got a SOLID scolding for that..but,hey!it's still as good as ever..hmph,i wonder how ppl can lost their phone..(cuz i never b4 ma...+_+)

so,my uncle recommend 2 phones..

1)Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia

well,i'm quite a noob in,the ONLY thing i like is the 5mp CMOS feature..

2)HTC don't know much bout this phone..

yea,so..i don't one looks nicer~!LA la LA..
yea yea,i judge a book by it's cover...= p

uhm,oh ya!know what's my all-tim fav car?!applause MY car, named BRIDE~!

*~!Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren!~*

extraordinarily expensive - £313,465
looks extraordinary - vast, fast and alien!!

i'm not going to the details..i wont be able to answer later..~

And 1 important thing..well,not that never cross my mind b4...i THINK im getting FAT..well,a matter to ponder sooner or later..lols!!


what kind of mentality these ppl have huh?!yuhuuu~!THE WORLD IS EVOLVING..Grow up..Expand the Brain..


I sure do remember u all,loves~!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

10th July 2008

at least today got things to do...but belum habis..but nvm..cuz can cont tomolo..haha!!

oh ya,while surfing just now..came across this word.."blogospheres"..gonna construct one sentence with my newly-found-word..

"I'm entering the world of BLOGOSPHERES"...
uhm,sounds OK..oh well..*crapping*

yea,so yesterday..plan was kinda messy..i took a bus to bendeemier(whatever the spelling is la!!) road and met my aunt there..we actually planned to go over to OG but..yea,my lil sis phone pasal la!!so change of plan to go over to VivoCity instead..n WTF..reach there d the fella say.."oh,u shud go to the centre,not back here"..and the centre is only a lane behind my uncle's office...WTF...waste my time ni!!cis~!

but anyway,put that aside..also bought a new Hi card..similar to Malaysia's prepaid card la..$8 = RM!anyhoo..

so so so...i guess that's it la..gotto chiao to the ladies and wanna head back home ler..wanna shop at Hoagang Mall..LolX!i'm not a shopping freak...yea..I'M NOT...

luvs <3

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

9th July 2008


my eyes are heavy..i don't know why..ZZzzzzzZZ....

alright, so i went to Plaza Singapura yesterday and went to Daiso where everything..YES..EVERYTHING!!is for $2..u name it..

Household wares-plates,cups,those plate where u put the kicap sauce,even cute bottles where the Japs used to drink Sake..

Stationaries-pens,pencils,folders,pencil box,colour pencil (ciplak brand cuz it's not Luna or Faber Castle)...

Girlie stuffs-nail polish and EVERYTHING to do with nails, handbags...

Gardening-pail?gloves?n things u used for gardening la..

Cosmetics,socks,rubber bands,ANYTHINGSSS...

u name it, they have it..but some other brands which u NEVER SEE in markets..

SO i got myself a..30X15cm pouch,blusher,nail polish,the thing u used to polish nails and a face up $12 = RM 24-25...we spend hour ++ inside..

Then so happen la..i passed this gift shop where i saw cute lil Eeyore..and i bought it straight away..without any further thinking..urhm,i know it's ridiculous,but..wait till u c it la!!then u'll know why..i'll upload it later..and bought some other souveniers..

so that's yest nite..

i'm eating sooooo the very much these days..wonder will be a fatty-bom-bom later?!

practically..i don't have anything to do until i'm given smtg to do..hmph..

looking thru some "Love At First Sight" true is it hm?!no further images since they speak a thousand words..

Some quotes that are good enough to be true:-

I've learned that no matter how bad
your heart has been broken,
the world doesn't stop for your grief.

(Don't see each breakup as the end of could be a blessing in disguise)

I asked, "How long will you love me?"
He said, "Until you finish counting the stars."


Sometimes you have to make yourself happy,
before you make the people around you happy.
It's the sacrifice we make, but in the end it's oh so worth it.

(This is what my dear friend Wen Nee said..if you're happy with yourself, how could others not be happy that you are?!Instead,you could put on a smile on the other persons' face..)

A picture i edited to express what i was thinking just now..n there's my baby Eeyore!


Listening to ma MP3 (oh not mine..) a song by Flora Chan and Andy Hui as a TVB theme song in A Herbalist Affair..very very nice song by both of them..and my all time fav; If You're Not The One by Daniel Beddingfield and recently, a song sent to me by Fai "Nan Ren Nv Ren"..good lyrics with nice song flow and..FOR ME la..tsk tsk~!

Here's the cert i Fav..

This's the one my uncle choosed..

Hmz,i don't have my cam cable with me..sobz T.T


Rummaging life,
Troublesome problems,
Sort immaculately,
Loving it all.

muaskzs!*together with Eeyore*
ohgosh,he's so cute....

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

8th July 2008


Alright,today did 2 major things!well,"MAJOR" in my sense la..haha!!first, keyed in data using micro excel..second,design a's still doing things right!~no fuss..

Later gonna meet up with ma aunt at..Bendevier Road (whatever the spelling is la..)..accompanying her to see her doctor and then off to Plaza Singapura..I don't know what we're doing there..but,PLAZA...whatelse~!WINDOW SHOPPING la..that's for me..not my aunt..

wow,today while searching for the RIGHT borders and RIGHT background to blend in the cert...holy shit,first ever time i goooooooooooooooooooooooooogle-d up 50+++++ over wondermy eyes are a becoming o.o...i like one of the design but,'s not my uncle's cup of tea tho..haha!!

had only half cup of tea and one cup of nescafe..wait..goin to get some OMMM~!!


GULPED..gracious coffee~!wew...

This morning listened to the radio..well,i would say Singapore's DJ are..boRIngZ~!sorry,but really..95.0 i think the channel is..alrite,they talk..but with such a tone where..ugh~!i can't find the word to describe's UN-interesting..not fun..but they were talking on this topic of "what's ur thing?" which is kinda cute! The guy went on saying he can't take it that his wife reaches home,toss her handbag on the couch and grab a newspaper n sit on the dining table..he hav to get to the room,change his clothes,hang up his clothes..then only do his things..LOL..oh well..and and this guy called up saying he beh tahan his wife..she'll label all the can we don't know what the can food!and the DJs went like,oh,what if you mess up the position of the can foods in the cupboard?!urm,yea yea, she'll use a ruler to measure the distance between each cans...LOLz..FULL OF CRAP..

Found this cute lil thought of posting it up..muakszs in advance husbie-to-be...lols..

Monday, 7 July 2008

7th July 2008

Holaz darling...

Reached Singapore early this morning around 2.05 in the morning..damn tired and worned down..

Am in my uncle's office now..helping out around but there seems to be ntg for me to do..haha!

Hey mummy daddy!!i miss u all..not missing Nie n Ben also..muakzs!!take care yea..hehe!!

Well,i damn know this is so so so not my field but heck,i can still learn things from this gimme a break..pharmacist can learn engineering too k?!as Shiun Lei said,PHARMAGINEERING...LOLzx..*speechless*
HEY SHIUN LEI, I AM ONE NOW!!!UR THE UNOFFICIAL ONE..haha!!(ur not getting to read this anyway,so wat the heck~!#%#&^*)

I just checked my friendster,facebook,hotmail,yahoo,uni mail,some other links and now..blogging..i don't have any pics to upload now tho but..will get it up as soon as my butt touches Ipoh...

oh oh,my Aunt Elaine juzt called from her working place..what can i say about her?!lolsz..she's one petty lady with a chatterbox mouth..opps!sorry..she really gets me a good way!!and caring..called me up juz to tell me this accountant lady is a 'zhi-za-po'..becareful of her and dun tell her anything..oh well,tell things tat can tell..thing shudn't be told,keep it zipped!!haha..cute eh?!and she had taken good welfare of me..given me MRT card and some ca$hes..but i don't think i'll be using much uncles would be paying most of the bills for me..haha!!ah,so fortunate..ntg to worry about here..Uncle Leslie would be holding a house warming this sunday for his new apartment..nyum nyum..holy food!!

hm,tat's all to get my ass to do some work or i'll be paid for doin's good heart don't feel good..haha!!


Friday, 4 July 2008

5th July 2008

Guess what..
I'm not done packing and tomorrow got to leave got Sitiawan for my grandma birthday..Crap...

And here i'm am chatting n blogging..LOLs..can't help it tho..don't know when i'll get my hands on the net again after this 2days..

Whew, i come..having the thought of going there is kinda..exhilarating~!i sort of got my activities all planned out there..which would be on weekends la of cuz!!

So,yea..I'm all geared up and excited to be..: )

Suppose that's it for the moment,head cracking now on what to bring and what not..shit!

dles dles~!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

3rd July 2008

Dear myself,

Days are never as wonderful as this. Life is really full of..many many things..depends whether we appreciate it or leave decision which would either make us happy or regret the entire life..or probably wouldn't be that bad la..was just exaggerating a little!!hehe..~!

Just read finish a novel by Lori Foster titled Murphy's Law..indeed,a nice written one!!I'm on her next book now titled Jamie..

I don't know how exactly is life in the read on most novels and seen in most movies..things develop pretty fast huh?!u know..THINGS..

Watched Feast Of Love..nice movie with some lessons..some people know they are made for each other..some,just not yet..but when they meet theirs,they'll know..knowing the future,is kinda scary..and how true can it be?!i mean from those fortune or future teller..can they really predict?or just merely a gimmick?!
I know mine from tarot card reading..but can i really believe in it?!Sometimes,it really sounds ridiculous to me..sorry,no offense!!

Went to watch Hancock today with Lingy and Vernie with their Bfs..and Ian and David and Charis..Nice show but..the story line kinda sad..made and meant for each other..but if together,they are weak..Manufacturing defect as said by Ian..haha!!Hey,watch it..It's nice~!

Alright, i suppose that's all..Muaksz..