Thursday, 10 July 2008

10th July 2008

at least today got things to do...but belum habis..but nvm..cuz can cont tomolo..haha!!

oh ya,while surfing just now..came across this word.."blogospheres"..gonna construct one sentence with my newly-found-word..

"I'm entering the world of BLOGOSPHERES"...
uhm,sounds OK..oh well..*crapping*

yea,so yesterday..plan was kinda messy..i took a bus to bendeemier(whatever the spelling is la!!) road and met my aunt there..we actually planned to go over to OG but..yea,my lil sis phone pasal la!!so change of plan to go over to VivoCity instead..n WTF..reach there d the fella say.."oh,u shud go to the centre,not back here"..and the centre is only a lane behind my uncle's office...WTF...waste my time ni!!cis~!

but anyway,put that aside..also bought a new Hi card..similar to Malaysia's prepaid card la..$8 = RM!anyhoo..

so so so...i guess that's it la..gotto chiao to the ladies and wanna head back home ler..wanna shop at Hoagang Mall..LolX!i'm not a shopping freak...yea..I'M NOT...

luvs <3

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