Monday, 7 July 2008

7th July 2008

Holaz darling...

Reached Singapore early this morning around 2.05 in the morning..damn tired and worned down..

Am in my uncle's office now..helping out around but there seems to be ntg for me to do..haha!

Hey mummy daddy!!i miss u all..not missing Nie n Ben also..muakzs!!take care yea..hehe!!

Well,i damn know this is so so so not my field but heck,i can still learn things from this gimme a break..pharmacist can learn engineering too k?!as Shiun Lei said,PHARMAGINEERING...LOLzx..*speechless*
HEY SHIUN LEI, I AM ONE NOW!!!UR THE UNOFFICIAL ONE..haha!!(ur not getting to read this anyway,so wat the heck~!#%#&^*)

I just checked my friendster,facebook,hotmail,yahoo,uni mail,some other links and now..blogging..i don't have any pics to upload now tho but..will get it up as soon as my butt touches Ipoh...

oh oh,my Aunt Elaine juzt called from her working place..what can i say about her?!lolsz..she's one petty lady with a chatterbox mouth..opps!sorry..she really gets me a good way!!and caring..called me up juz to tell me this accountant lady is a 'zhi-za-po'..becareful of her and dun tell her anything..oh well,tell things tat can tell..thing shudn't be told,keep it zipped!!haha..cute eh?!and she had taken good welfare of me..given me MRT card and some ca$hes..but i don't think i'll be using much uncles would be paying most of the bills for me..haha!!ah,so fortunate..ntg to worry about here..Uncle Leslie would be holding a house warming this sunday for his new apartment..nyum nyum..holy food!!

hm,tat's all to get my ass to do some work or i'll be paid for doin's good heart don't feel good..haha!!



shiunlei said...

hahaha.... trying to search my name in google n found out u wrote something about me....

Jojo said...

lols...gotcha!!!= p