Thursday, 3 July 2008

3rd July 2008

Dear myself,

Days are never as wonderful as this. Life is really full of..many many things..depends whether we appreciate it or leave decision which would either make us happy or regret the entire life..or probably wouldn't be that bad la..was just exaggerating a little!!hehe..~!

Just read finish a novel by Lori Foster titled Murphy's Law..indeed,a nice written one!!I'm on her next book now titled Jamie..

I don't know how exactly is life in the read on most novels and seen in most movies..things develop pretty fast huh?!u know..THINGS..

Watched Feast Of Love..nice movie with some lessons..some people know they are made for each other..some,just not yet..but when they meet theirs,they'll know..knowing the future,is kinda scary..and how true can it be?!i mean from those fortune or future teller..can they really predict?or just merely a gimmick?!
I know mine from tarot card reading..but can i really believe in it?!Sometimes,it really sounds ridiculous to me..sorry,no offense!!

Went to watch Hancock today with Lingy and Vernie with their Bfs..and Ian and David and Charis..Nice show but..the story line kinda sad..made and meant for each other..but if together,they are weak..Manufacturing defect as said by Ian..haha!!Hey,watch it..It's nice~!

Alright, i suppose that's all..Muaksz..


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