Friday, 18 July 2008

18th July 2008


Just finished watching Singapore's 9pm show -"BEACH BALL BABES"..Well,i know the show is kinda..erm,i don't know how to categorize it but anyhoo, i still seems to make an effort to carry my ass in front of the TV to watch it..LOLs..

Well,the cast are -
Jesseca Liu(as Cai Yanfang), Dawn Yeoh(as Wang Sihang/Sixing), Joanne Peh(as Rainie Liu Feng/Liu Xuan), Christopher Lee(as Pierre Ma Tianwu), Cui Peng(as Yan Feipeng), Jerry Yeo(as Cai Guorong), Pan Lingling(as Wang Yiyan), Richard Low(as Wang Weixiong), etc etc...

Jesseca Liu and Christopher Lee are Malaysians..well,they're now MediaCorp artist..hoho,guess Malaysia can't go any further in the media field huh?!such good looking and talented people are foreseen..

Even back home in Ipoh, there would only be 2 channels i'll be tuning to..8tv and ntv7..well,only this 2 broadcast nice shows!!and their MCs are well off better than the TV1,TV2,TV3 and TV9 ones..which are oh-so-boring..

One thing which really pissed me off is that the F1 Race which was all the while broadcast by 8tv switched over to TV2..alright,that's one thing..secondly, 8TV used to broadcast the race LIVE..This donkey-mule-ass-hole-TV2-which-don't-deserve-to-broadcast it AT ALL had it DELAYED..erm,what's the term?!urh,well..NOT LIVE la~!
which is why i never watched it anymore..unless there's ASTRO la..haha!!
Luckily that Michael has retired from the not i have..NO,I MEAN I WILL sit down - watching the race broadcast hours and hours and hours soooo much more later..

Michael schumacher...uh-la-la..i'm his ultimate fan..yea yea..he's cool,he's fast,he's..oh so macho..haha!!he's the MAN!!yahoooo....(erm,forgive ma crapiness)

Don't you just love him?!hmmmm....

Erm,OK..i've been in the office from 9.30am till now..and my aunt's still stuck to the computer doing some accounts and tally-ing them..aih-yo-yor...

Oh,just now this Uncle bought hotdog waffle and offered..NO,gave one..while i was on the phone with my Aunt (she's asking what i want for dinner lo..)

*showing the waffle to me*
*i took it*
*hang up phone*
Uncle : How was it?Nice?
Me : Yea yea,very nice!
*i haven't landed a bite on it YET*
*Uncle looking at me*
Uncle : Wahlao..u haven't bite already say nice?!
Me : Ah...haha!i bite the crumbs by the side ma..nice nice...
Uncle : Good good..
*i went inside resting room watch TV a while*
*come out*
Uncle : How was it?!nice isit?
Me : Yea, very nice!
Uncle : Want one more stick a not?
*Looking at uncle..eyes big big*
Me : ah...haha!!yes yes~!
Uncle : Wahlao eh...this girl very easy to kena 'wai-sek'!
*Everyone in the office laughs*

And aunty 'ta-pau' satay bi-hun for me..nyum nyum..nice!(AGAIN!?!) is ma..
The uncle was like "Wha,just now she eat 2 sticks girl,u still can eat ah?"..LOLx!

Oh-oh,uncle just came back from his meeting..ah,i wanna go home..SOS!!
i need the bathroom...i need my dear pillow..i need my eeyore..


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