Tuesday, 26 April 2011

1 Malaysia email users..WHAT?

One final post before I STFU and do my dissertation.

I'm proud to be a Nottingham student and soon to be graduate but this person just did nothing except staining the name of our prestigious University.

All Malaysians are basically under distress, or revoking the new plan proposed by the oh-so-clever-person to have everyone to have a 1 Malaysia e-mail.

Signing up requires a USB device which some person declined to answer the price for and those sending an e-mail to the account needs to pay a maximum of 50cents. Whole story here:

We've already got GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail which is so convenient, no need USB stick to sign up, no charges for sending or receiving e-mail. I really don't know what to make up of this situation.

Either they're a no-brainer or they're just pure dope.

Who's benefiting from this? Those who propose this. Talk about extra mooshoos. 

This is just me personal view, personal opinion.

A little off schedule..

Busy finishing and rushing for my 12000 words dissertation..

I've got an abstract to submit next week, then oral presentation, then poster presentation.

And then I'll be back! Won't be writing till then..


Thursday, 21 April 2011


Lols, indeed haven't use the word 'outing' for quite a while. It was a term used when I was in boarding school. Kind of sad because outings can only be on weekday where we went to church. Ah, miss the porridge much! Haven't got in touch with aunty and uncle who fetched us to church and brought us for a meal after church for a long time! Shall do so if I've the time when I'm back.

Sunny day with my sunnies on!

In Leicester Veda Beauty for free Dermalogical facial by O2 Suprises.
ML always get either beauty treatment, music download or some photo print stuffs.

No make up, thus no eyebrow. I think someone did mention that only Mona Lisa looks pretty without eyebrow. What to do, not that I don't want also. But I don't tattoo as well cuz I'm afraid I'll end up looking too eye browish, which I might not adapt too. Can end up like Shin Chan? Erm, no thanks.

OK la, my skin kind of improve lately except for 2 zits which just popped up recently.

Good lighting does make one skin looks better! =)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Amsterdam Day 3

Where are we heading toooo?

All smiling! =)

It was a really hectic morning, coupled with a cold chilly weather.
We booked online for our tour in the morning but the computer system didn't record so they shifted us to noon. We had to push forward the later itinerary to accommodate the time in between until afternoon, which isn't a lot of time at all! The bus start off at around 10.45am, reached the diamond factory, dropped us off and came to pick us up again around 11.30am.  

Blah blah blah blah blah blah..We're not even capable to buy a carat so it's really a waste of time.

Then it reached the next destination at around 11.53am and we split into 2 groups, one to Heineken Brewery, another to Van Gogh museum.

(No photos for Van Gogh cause we're in a rush! Bought some souvenirs at the shop and rushed off to catch the metro tram to reach where we are to board the bus at 12.30pm. We had our heads facing the ground as we board the bus for having to make the whole troop wait, and we're behind by 15minutes.)



We then reached the clog factory where they process and carve and paint nice clogs for you to wear. Clogs hanging upside down above for drying process for 2 weeks because woods absorbs moisture!

Colourful clogs!

Tulip of course since it's their trademark!


Then a 'cruise' to ...(I am confused about the area we are in so yeah, we took a boat across)
The weather looks real nice but it was COLD. and WINDY.

LOLS lima kaki!

We're nearing!!

Tons of food to eat here!

Herring fish

Fries, don't know what fish, FAMOUS FISH AND CHIPS, and don't know what again.

Delicious tapas with huge prawns and fried stuffs.

And a Heineken to complete my day =)


Next was Windmill, a UNESCO world heritage site which does not seem to be so because...

Erm, yeah..this is almost all you can see.

Next was the cheese factory! 

Soooooooooooooo many kinds..
(They have samples and we filled ourself there..Also we bought Stroop Waffles!) 


We walked separately thereafter upon returning to Amsterdam. As in dinner and no dinner. I, of course am on the dinner group!

I don't know who is this but since got statue just take photo lah!

Again, fatigue kicked in after a whole day of walking! Lied down on the bench for a little while.

Why am I not smiling? -.-

Dinner was at Indrapura (Indonesian Restaurant).
This one can classify 5 star restaurant since inside the ambiance already so romantic with dimmed lights, then the order part was OMGoofness. We thought we can order 3 people portions for 5 people since we're all quite full but CANNOT. Everyone must order.

One dish on average costs 20. And like previously, their menu have a should I call it 'meal set'? which has like 10 dishes on it with rice, etc and this will cost about 20+ per person as well.

Unless you have a surplus of money, eat here.  

Kuih lapis with sprinkled cinnamon costs 5-6!

Us eating, enjoying our last meal in Amsterdam while putting away the thoughts of paying the bill later!

This concludes our last day in Amsterdam.


The memories of boarding the plane the next day was even scarier.

To be continued....

Monday, 18 April 2011

Amsterdam Day 2

Our itinerary was to Keukenhoft to look at the beautiful tulips!

There's an overload of flowers below so if you're not pollen-allergic, indulge! I can't remember the names as there were hundreds, maybe thousands of it which isn't very much worth remembering cause I'm not a flower person!

Off to Keukenhof..

At the entrance #1 with SherLeen and EeTeen

At the entrance #2 with QiHua and Michelle

Flower overload #1

Flower overload #2

Flower overload #3

Flower overload #4

Flower overload #5

Flower overload #6

Flower overload #7

Flower overload #8

Oh! With the exception of the fountain = P

It was a very leisure walk around accompanied with an ice-cream in hand.

Group photo taken by WaiXin

This flower has a nice essence emanating from it. Like Rosé?

Eating my lunch which costs bombed me 5

Solo shot with the flowers! 

Family girls only shot!

I was too tired walking and I wanted to lie down but there's sign of 'NO STEPPING ON GRASS' everywhere so the only place I can lie down is on the bench! Ah, blessed with the sun and surrounding ambiance.

Me and QiHua duo shot =)

Tulip flowerbed! We were walking for what seems like years and couldn't find this but at the very last minute, bout 15minutes before we're due to board the bus back, THIS...We saw what we wanted to.

Self-taken photo while strolling...

As the tour includes a free canal cruise ticket, what else could be next right?

It was just like the boat tour in Bangkok!

A building built in a shape of a ship, which is now if I'm not mistaken is an architecture center.

Blissful canal..

You've heard of parking lots for car but bicycle? This is my first definitely!

A miniature JUMBO floating restaurant compared to the one in HK!

All the above pictures was taken by my friends cause I've been...

dozing off = P

Then was the pancake bakery..and as the signpost implied, it is definitely a bakery with THE BEST PANCAKES in town for sure!

A cup of cafe latte

Pancake with banana and whipped cream with chocolate sauce

Small pancakes, something like profiteroles.

Spring special with fruits, ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate chunks.

EeTeen, LiPing, KarLai

QiHua, WaiXin, SherLeen, Michelle

MeiKee, Jojo, QiHua

9 of us!

I'm not sure about the address I'm sure google will help you locate it!

Then walked down the street to Anne Frank and was the queue long! So we just took a picture of the signpost!

Michelle compiled this!

After pancakes, we walked around town, sat down for coffee, and when night nears, we headed for dinner at an Indonesian restaurant. I forgot the name but should you want to know, I'll search it out.

Starter of prawn crackers and Lempe (not in picture). The peanut sauce is awesome incredible super duper mighty tasty!

We ordered for 4 person and that filled out stomach.

Review: 7.0/10

The food was great, the staff was really polite and the ambience's alright. Location wise, a little far but reachable by metro tram. 

You'll see lots of these shops around the Red Light District area. On first look, you have to have your hands on 'em right?

Why? It costs 5 for one piece of tart, 5 for a slice of pizza, etc. 1 item costs 5. I ordered a tart, a waffle and a slice of pepperoni pizza and it costs me bloody €15 which don't even fill me 1/2 full. 
I would say this is a total scam as they didn't even put up signboards on the price of the food they're selling.
So, you might be eating a pizza/ tart prepared in the previous 3 days. Talk about freshness..Hmpph.

Please do not fall for the appearance (as I did -.-) because it's not worth your money and most importantly, your health. Wouldn't want to travel having diarrhoea all the way right?

Amsterdam Day 2