Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kevin's birthday & karaoke

Didn't take any pictures while eating cause I was starving! 

We ate at Restaurant 88, which is further down Mandarin.
2 x Curry chicken, 2 x cheese prawn, 1 x fish, 2 x green vege, 1 x chicken, 1 x lamb, and a few other dishes.
This makes up to a total amount of 188 pounds. 
Pfft, expensive shit. 
The proportion needless to say because it's almost negligible, at least to me.

Then we went karaoke after that which is also under Restaurant 88. 20pounds per hour.
If we hadn't eat that much, it would be minimum 200 pounds for the room! WTF.
Then we had some issues with the drinks but settled later.

Chivas mixed green tea. Dice game.

If you want nice food, Mandarin's good enough. No Restaurant 88. 
If you're too rich and can't find a place to spend your money, this is the place!

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