Saturday, 16 April 2011

Amsterdam Day 1

On the train to Amsterdam city. Very much a comfortable and spacious one! Did we sat in 1st class?

The canal just right outside our hotel. Differ much from those in city where you step out and a buzzing road greets you!

Walked to Tomaz, a Dutch cuisine shop which is about 15 minutes away.
Top left - Mashed potato and beef, linguine and some vegetarian food.
Beautiful tulips on the table...

Waiting for our meals! Me drinking Jupiler, the local brewed beer which was thirst-quenching!

Me and the signature tulip

Went on for supper with the ever famous Frites with Mayo sauce!
Whoa, that was the best fries I've ever eaten!

Madame Tussaud, Casa Rosso - where you watch live 'stuffs' happening, national monument and the ever most famous Red Light District.
Unless you're there for business, then walk leisurely as you wish.
For an experience to see how it looks like, walk about 1 night and it'll be more than enough.

That mostly ends our 1st day and we headed back to our hotel for a good night rest.

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