Tuesday, 26 April 2011

1 Malaysia email users..WHAT?

One final post before I STFU and do my dissertation.

I'm proud to be a Nottingham student and soon to be graduate but this person just did nothing except staining the name of our prestigious University.

All Malaysians are basically under distress, or revoking the new plan proposed by the oh-so-clever-person to have everyone to have a 1 Malaysia e-mail.

Signing up requires a USB device which some person declined to answer the price for and those sending an e-mail to the account needs to pay a maximum of 50cents. Whole story here:

We've already got GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail which is so convenient, no need USB stick to sign up, no charges for sending or receiving e-mail. I really don't know what to make up of this situation.

Either they're a no-brainer or they're just pure dope.

Who's benefiting from this? Those who propose this. Talk about extra mooshoos. 

This is just me personal view, personal opinion.


Miux said...

If u search for this company called Tricubes who got the 1malaysia email project, you will know why such nonsense was created :D

Josephine Wong said...

I know..They have like a connection with the PM right. So he's trying to save the company by doing this project right?