Thursday, 21 April 2011


Lols, indeed haven't use the word 'outing' for quite a while. It was a term used when I was in boarding school. Kind of sad because outings can only be on weekday where we went to church. Ah, miss the porridge much! Haven't got in touch with aunty and uncle who fetched us to church and brought us for a meal after church for a long time! Shall do so if I've the time when I'm back.

Sunny day with my sunnies on!

In Leicester Veda Beauty for free Dermalogical facial by O2 Suprises.
ML always get either beauty treatment, music download or some photo print stuffs.

No make up, thus no eyebrow. I think someone did mention that only Mona Lisa looks pretty without eyebrow. What to do, not that I don't want also. But I don't tattoo as well cuz I'm afraid I'll end up looking too eye browish, which I might not adapt too. Can end up like Shin Chan? Erm, no thanks.

OK la, my skin kind of improve lately except for 2 zits which just popped up recently.

Good lighting does make one skin looks better! =)

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