Saturday, 26 November 2011

Half half

Haven't tied up my hair in half for...gosh, I don't remember. 

Good news - My Visa is approved.
And all I've been wanting to do thus far can now be done =D

Thanks everyone for your prayers.
God bless.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

Have you hit the cinema for BREAKING DAWN?
Oh was I excited! Not because I'm a die hard fan but because I've been to every single one so I don't want to be left out =P

It was as it is in the book. Except for exceptionally long love scenes. Like for about half an hour. ALL love scenes. No good..S------L------O------W.

But overall it was really good. It ended at the right place and time so I'm not left hanging with lingering feelings and excitement for the next part which is not due anytime soon!

Took time to curl me hair today since mummy complaining of me not using the straightener =.=
Oh excuse the puffiness of my cheeks =(

And them 2 new colour I've bought. Tried on both and they're quite good for 1 pound nail polish!

Lovely Jubbly xoxo

I'm getting rid of me clothes that fills up a box. Phew...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Poppy's Love

It was Poppy Day quite some days ago and mind me I wasn't at all aware of what that actually means until recently : )

And the 2 minutes of silence in remembrance of them soldiers who battled out during the war.
(Despite being not so patriotic myself at home! But I do stand still when singing the national anthem)

Poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy poppy all the lucky

And I've got my uniform to wear! I'm part of the team now : )

Oh gosh, the weekend is here. There's so many things to do!
I need to catch me dearest Linda to watch Breaking Dawn!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tissue experience

First time, I opened up a new one and placed it in the toilet. My next visit to the toilet, guess what. No toilet roll in sight. NIL. The whole tissue roll vanished. Culprit? Tsk, need me say more.

Second time, I've used half before taking it to the toilet. I didn't intend to take it back to my room, and also partly because I forgot. I came back later the day to find the remains of my toilet roll is the few last pieces sticking to the brown paper roll. Half all gone in 12 hours. Pissed me off.

Is toilet roll that expensive?
Is it too heavy to buy and bring it back?
Can you only use others toilet roll?
Do you not have brains to use considerately given that it's not yours?

OI, parents no teach ah, teacher no teach ah..don't take people's thing without permission!

It's not even yours, and how could you use half a roll in that short period of time!

Hm, maybe because my toilet paper has puppy print on it.


Yes my precioussssssss

Once bitten twice shy.
No I'm taking MY toilet roll into the toilet anymore.