Sunday, 20 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

Have you hit the cinema for BREAKING DAWN?
Oh was I excited! Not because I'm a die hard fan but because I've been to every single one so I don't want to be left out =P

It was as it is in the book. Except for exceptionally long love scenes. Like for about half an hour. ALL love scenes. No good..S------L------O------W.

But overall it was really good. It ended at the right place and time so I'm not left hanging with lingering feelings and excitement for the next part which is not due anytime soon!

Took time to curl me hair today since mummy complaining of me not using the straightener =.=
Oh excuse the puffiness of my cheeks =(

And them 2 new colour I've bought. Tried on both and they're quite good for 1 pound nail polish!

Lovely Jubbly xoxo

I'm getting rid of me clothes that fills up a box. Phew...

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