Sunday, 31 January 2010

Manchester #2 - Walk walk find food

It's a pain in the ass when it comes to food-decision making cause we take a whole lot of decision making time to decide what to eat and that is sure enough unproductive. But what to do. That's how we are. We can't decide fast enough. We just don't know how. So we lingered around here and there deciding which one to dine-in and we're already too hungry to think. But we still have to think. Can you imagine how hard it is?

Well, that's us. :D

I donno how to read chinese la, so whatever chinese restaurant this is sure looks grand but the price accompaniment is more or less a good friend of EXUBERANT either and there's not much crowd inside. 


While waiting outside the grand restaurant, can still take random photos. -.-

And the many other shops around. Which is when you come to it ain't that much.

And more of others.

Got Thai food also! Ah, I miss the super duper hot until you burn your tongue Thai chilli powder!

Red Hot also got.

But we settled in at Fu's at last. The shop is not recognisable and the signboard is so small I didn't actually realize there's a restaurant in there. I thought notice board or what. See see..the crowd inside, FULL HOUSE! Confirm not bad :)

Then decision-making again. We choose, you choose, they choose, I choose, together chai-chai choose :D

#1 YongChau Fried Rice 
#2 Salted fried squid 
#3 YeeMee?

#4 CharSiu SiewYok 
#5 Singapore style fried bihun (This's the worst here, Singapore style where got curry powder one.)
#6 Spicy seafood fried rice 

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Manchester overview

The city of Manchester..Awesomeness!

#1 Piccadilly Gardens

#2 Walkway to Debenhams, Primark, Arndale Centre, etc etc..

#3 Market Street

#4 Primark building damn hugeeee!!But I still love Nottingham people. 
At least they won't chase me out cause I'm drinking coffee. What nuts.. 

#5 The Britannia Hotel

#6 Tong Yan Kai (ChinaTown) - How to get this in Nottingham!! 

#7 Trafford Centre - Big like a big MALL, shop like crazy, and a thousand shops to enter..

#8 Wheel of Manchester

#9 PrintWorks - Hangout place at night

#10 My glass of Cade Rouge House Rose (Cuvee de la Maison Rose)

#11 Hard Rock cafe :)

I wanna go Manchester againnn!
Erm, not for the shopping, it's for the heavenly sickening delicious food!

I have my reason :D

for not updating...

Changing template is seriously....a tough doubt..

So what says?
Acceptable? Better than the one before? Worst? Same same?

Spare me comments whether this is your 'cup of tea' or not..Alright?!

Loves <3

P/S: Manchester trip up next!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dublin Castle

First thing apologies for not updating in like a thousand here's one to Dublin! :)
As in Dublin Castle..of cause there's more, but you gotta wait..a day or two before I finalised the can wait can't you?!

Uh-huh, the word Baileys attracts me more than Dublin Castle itself..:P

I donno what is written but the drawing is too cute to be on a lamp post!! :)

A map of the castle. Uhm, uhm...well, the castle is big..

Should be nice something like this..or not..well I don't know..
You'll know why I say my next post :D

The huge but not really huge arch gate you called it? Looks like Gemini..

Got feel right this picture? We're admiring the

And then what else what not...I don't know how we ended up doing this either..

And this #2

And #3..
(Btw, this random picture is just so fun! Plus the excellent angle..PERFEEECTO)

And tadaaahhh...this's our trip to the very very empty and big space somewhere in the castle!!

Wrapping up the scene, MWUAHSXZ!!

Friday, 22 January 2010

So sorry for not updating, I have my reasons.

Hello mates!

Long time no see eh? So sorry for not updating since..a few days ago but I promised there are tons to come right after...right after..this Sunday?

Just got back from Dublin and heading to Manchester tomorrow. So, please allow me to have my beauty sleep tonight and update a tad bit later ait?

Loves! <3

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pre-exam post

Hmph, was a bit overfused with the previous post. 미 안 해 요!

As for now, and a week from now, I wouldn't be updating me blog due to exams. But do expect something after that alright! :D


Uhm, this post was meant to be posted earlier. But well, due to traffic jam in my brain clotting all possible ways, it's only posted now.

I'm still pretty much up and awake at 10am, surviving through the night. Call me Superwoman.

Argh! I'm gonna have all my rest compensated after this blurdy examinations! I'm gonna sleep through the day or 2 days or 3 days until I automatically wake up. Then I'm gonna go on a movie marathon. And I'm gonna...not eat so much (Ehrm, have to reduce weight..)!

I need to workout!

I wanna eat good food. I wanna play. I wanna do everything else except STUDY!

I've stocked up my supply for the coming week and I was so brave enough to bring 20pounds and some extra coins to Sainsbury, without realizing I've been taking too much things off the shelves. Luckily I was on the self-service counter. Pai seh man if no money to pay.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Hell break loose

Freaking bloody hell. I'm totally pissed with SHIT going on in Malaysia. What the fuck is wrong with the 1Malaysia?

talk only, no action. Disregarding what's happening and enjoying the day? Had better catch those bastards up and give them a lesson!

What turf! Luckily no one's injured in due course. If someone step across that line of sensitivity, what you're gonna do? How are you gonna react? You'll be enraged like hell break loose ait? Now you bastards have gone over the line by even causing damage to a holy place of worship. Can you please wake up to your conscience to even know that you're living in a world of reality?

There's no discrimination going on in this writing but just pure critical thinking of what one should be having their feet here on earth. Don't you know there are several terms just to represent a word? Even one word can have the same meaning in different languages. What rights have you against one word? You have copyright over it is it?

Please lah, such small matter. You bastards are making something out of a molehill.

Doesn't Ibu = Emak = Bonda and Bonda is used in the royalty by the King to regard himself?

Don't make yourself look stupid by carrying out such stupid incredulous act which tarnish the image of Malaysia. Now you bastards make foreign visitors think Malaysia's some kind of terrorist country or what sort. If you want, go print a picture of whatever you abhor, then do whatever you want in your own premise without compromising the nations safety and integrity. At least you make yourself feel contented though it looks fuckingly stupid but nonetheless not on a worldwide basis.

PS : Didn't religion teach us not to be violent? Stupid bastards.

Dear God, please bless these inhuman bastards and forgive them for their dopey action.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Distorted but we still did it

at last Mr Snowman! Somehow we each roll our own snow balls and we just combined them. So, Mr Snowman here is a quartet segment figure. Or you can regard it like this...

We just always didn't have stuffs to decorate. :(

Mind you, the snow this time was 'lebat' enough! Everything was covered in white.

And then we play lah! What else :)
1. Roll
2. Fights
3. Rolls
4. Fights
5. Roll and Fights
6. Fights and Roll
7. Roll Fight Roll Fight

1,2,3 ACTION!

Stupid ball drained my energy away

Snowy specky man

Another one :)

Lying on really different. Indescribable, you just got to lie down and feel it yourself.

Haaaaahh....chilling under the dark snowing sky (Jealous?) :D

I still prefer this than lying on the grass in Malaysia where who-knows what's underneath. Plus they don't have ants here. Or insects. Or whatever green brown creepy stuffs flying over you.

(and this's called blind hitting in the dark)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Honey and Molecular Pharmacology

I've not touched (er, drink) honey since..since quite some time. So while brainstorming to understand Molecular Pharmacology, a cup of honey is all I need. :)

And it snowed the other day in the morning, which made me reluctant to leave my window for the bed as I've been awake through the night.

And what more than a Ben & Jerry indulgence at wee hours in the night when your tummy grumbles?

Yeap, that's how I live.
That's how I survive.
I know it's unhealthy.
I know. :(


Friday, 1 January 2010

First sight lover

I did tell you my love for LUSH right?!

Ok, now let me tell in more details on how 'geng chou' their products are and why I love them.
(Uhm, only the Grease lightning and Oatifix face mask la since I've only use these both)

Cause I have combination skin, I do have breakout at times. I've been looking for a damn bloody effective zapping gel, cream, ointment, etc (You name it...) but so far the only one that worked was from L'oreal. But hor, somehow the product was withdrawn for I donno whatever tuff reason. (*grumbles* WHY?! It works fine to me!!!) Thereafter, I sought for others which could be better or same off as L'oreal, none worked. Until I came across GREASE LIGHTNING from LUSH.

Rome's not build in a day, you can't expect your darling pimple to be zapped off the next morning either do you? :)

I'm not gonna show you my ughly pimples (neither would you want right?) so let's just say IT REALLY WORKS! Despite I don't quite like nor believe tea tree does have any effect. =.=

Then the miraculous face mask! Oh-my-goodness I don't think any other mask work as good as those in LUSH! Plus they have original ingredient and nice smell!! I've got a sample of Oatifix from them and IT'S SERIOUSLY GOOOOOOOOOD. Like your face just got up from being milk bathed.

FYI, their masks are freshly made and MUST be kept in the refrigerator with a shelf life of 3 weeks. Take that! :D

Itch Itchhh..

Yellow crap oats on me face. *.*

And then it's all clean and nice :D

Seriously, who wouldn't love LUSH? Cross my heart, love you always.

MiMi and Bibi Photoshoot

Ok lar, my Bibi camera shy so he didn't took many pictures. Or should I say just 1..maybe 2..or 3...

"Mummy put me into the microwave! My ass's burning.." :(


"It's OK mummy, I'm alright..It's a little chilly here by the window, can I go to the bed already?"

Also my Lambearbear
Gives me goodnight sleep everyday..:)
FYI, this's microwaveable and it's has lavender smell!!

Both Bibi and Mimi together

Mimi's the one posing here and there thanks to her mum..:)
For all Mimi's photoshoot pictures, look here