Friday, 1 January 2010

MiMi and Bibi Photoshoot

Ok lar, my Bibi camera shy so he didn't took many pictures. Or should I say just 1..maybe 2..or 3...

"Mummy put me into the microwave! My ass's burning.." :(


"It's OK mummy, I'm alright..It's a little chilly here by the window, can I go to the bed already?"

Also my Lambearbear
Gives me goodnight sleep everyday..:)
FYI, this's microwaveable and it's has lavender smell!!

Both Bibi and Mimi together

Mimi's the one posing here and there thanks to her mum..:)
For all Mimi's photoshoot pictures, look here


Qihua said...

oo, promoting Mimi 4 free..

Josephine Wong said...

Of cuz..and shows what a great MUM you are! :D

(Faster thank me...)