Friday, 1 January 2010


I didn't have any plans in ushering 2010 and all we did was run to the door, look at the fireworks outside and go, "Wahhhh..there there...WAAHhhhh...".

That's it.

Seriously that's all.

Except that I got a sudden cryout from my stomach with the HUNGER siren. Cannot ignore one, if not it'll only sound louder. So, I make myself a bowl of noodle with lots of 'liu' inside. Ehem, I love my noodle soup. :)

Then grab a bottle of 650ml Heineken :)

And finished it. And that's me workdesk! (Er, excuse me...Tomorrow I'll the throw rubbish)

Happy New 2010!


SL said...

i can see playing cards on the table..

Josephine Wong said...

Ahh..I'm not playing cards by myself! It's just there :P

Kimberly said...

Happy New Year Josephine!
Dont so alcoholic la =.=
later ur Bibi got FAS, haha.
sorry my jokes getting lamer =.=
hanging out too much with Philip la, thats why, haha!

Anyway hope u have another week of very productive revision and lotsa good luck for ur exams yeah! :)

See u in Jan! xxx

Josephine Wong said...

Heya! Where got alcholic la. Bet you drink more than me! :P

Urh, what's FAS? Don't tell me it's about nutrition cause I've yet to touch them. :(

Lols..all the best to you too! See ya in Jan in the exam HALL!!