Friday, 8 January 2010

Hell break loose

Freaking bloody hell. I'm totally pissed with SHIT going on in Malaysia. What the fuck is wrong with the 1Malaysia?

talk only, no action. Disregarding what's happening and enjoying the day? Had better catch those bastards up and give them a lesson!

What turf! Luckily no one's injured in due course. If someone step across that line of sensitivity, what you're gonna do? How are you gonna react? You'll be enraged like hell break loose ait? Now you bastards have gone over the line by even causing damage to a holy place of worship. Can you please wake up to your conscience to even know that you're living in a world of reality?

There's no discrimination going on in this writing but just pure critical thinking of what one should be having their feet here on earth. Don't you know there are several terms just to represent a word? Even one word can have the same meaning in different languages. What rights have you against one word? You have copyright over it is it?

Please lah, such small matter. You bastards are making something out of a molehill.

Doesn't Ibu = Emak = Bonda and Bonda is used in the royalty by the King to regard himself?

Don't make yourself look stupid by carrying out such stupid incredulous act which tarnish the image of Malaysia. Now you bastards make foreign visitors think Malaysia's some kind of terrorist country or what sort. If you want, go print a picture of whatever you abhor, then do whatever you want in your own premise without compromising the nations safety and integrity. At least you make yourself feel contented though it looks fuckingly stupid but nonetheless not on a worldwide basis.

PS : Didn't religion teach us not to be violent? Stupid bastards.

Dear God, please bless these inhuman bastards and forgive them for their dopey action.

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