Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pre-exam post

Hmph, was a bit overfused with the previous post. 미 안 해 요!

As for now, and a week from now, I wouldn't be updating me blog due to exams. But do expect something after that alright! :D


Uhm, this post was meant to be posted earlier. But well, due to traffic jam in my brain clotting all possible ways, it's only posted now.

I'm still pretty much up and awake at 10am, surviving through the night. Call me Superwoman.

Argh! I'm gonna have all my rest compensated after this blurdy examinations! I'm gonna sleep through the day or 2 days or 3 days until I automatically wake up. Then I'm gonna go on a movie marathon. And I'm gonna...not eat so much (Ehrm, have to reduce weight..)!

I need to workout!

I wanna eat good food. I wanna play. I wanna do everything else except STUDY!

I've stocked up my supply for the coming week and I was so brave enough to bring 20pounds and some extra coins to Sainsbury, without realizing I've been taking too much things off the shelves. Luckily I was on the self-service counter. Pai seh man if no money to pay.


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