Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Distorted but we still did it

at last Mr Snowman! Somehow we each roll our own snow balls and we just combined them. So, Mr Snowman here is a quartet segment figure. Or you can regard it like this...

We just always didn't have stuffs to decorate. :(

Mind you, the snow this time was 'lebat' enough! Everything was covered in white.

And then we play lah! What else :)
1. Roll
2. Fights
3. Rolls
4. Fights
5. Roll and Fights
6. Fights and Roll
7. Roll Fight Roll Fight

1,2,3 ACTION!

Stupid ball drained my energy away

Snowy specky man

Another one :)

Lying on really different. Indescribable, you just got to lie down and feel it yourself.

Haaaaahh....chilling under the dark snowing sky (Jealous?) :D

I still prefer this than lying on the grass in Malaysia where who-knows what's underneath. Plus they don't have ants here. Or insects. Or whatever green brown creepy stuffs flying over you.

(and this's called blind hitting in the dark)

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