Friday, 1 January 2010

First sight lover

I did tell you my love for LUSH right?!

Ok, now let me tell in more details on how 'geng chou' their products are and why I love them.
(Uhm, only the Grease lightning and Oatifix face mask la since I've only use these both)

Cause I have combination skin, I do have breakout at times. I've been looking for a damn bloody effective zapping gel, cream, ointment, etc (You name it...) but so far the only one that worked was from L'oreal. But hor, somehow the product was withdrawn for I donno whatever tuff reason. (*grumbles* WHY?! It works fine to me!!!) Thereafter, I sought for others which could be better or same off as L'oreal, none worked. Until I came across GREASE LIGHTNING from LUSH.

Rome's not build in a day, you can't expect your darling pimple to be zapped off the next morning either do you? :)

I'm not gonna show you my ughly pimples (neither would you want right?) so let's just say IT REALLY WORKS! Despite I don't quite like nor believe tea tree does have any effect. =.=

Then the miraculous face mask! Oh-my-goodness I don't think any other mask work as good as those in LUSH! Plus they have original ingredient and nice smell!! I've got a sample of Oatifix from them and IT'S SERIOUSLY GOOOOOOOOOD. Like your face just got up from being milk bathed.

FYI, their masks are freshly made and MUST be kept in the refrigerator with a shelf life of 3 weeks. Take that! :D

Itch Itchhh..

Yellow crap oats on me face. *.*

And then it's all clean and nice :D

Seriously, who wouldn't love LUSH? Cross my heart, love you always.

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