Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dublin Castle

First thing apologies for not updating in like a thousand here's one to Dublin! :)
As in Dublin Castle..of cause there's more, but you gotta wait..a day or two before I finalised the can wait can't you?!

Uh-huh, the word Baileys attracts me more than Dublin Castle itself..:P

I donno what is written but the drawing is too cute to be on a lamp post!! :)

A map of the castle. Uhm, uhm...well, the castle is big..

Should be nice something like this..or not..well I don't know..
You'll know why I say my next post :D

The huge but not really huge arch gate you called it? Looks like Gemini..

Got feel right this picture? We're admiring the

And then what else what not...I don't know how we ended up doing this either..

And this #2

And #3..
(Btw, this random picture is just so fun! Plus the excellent angle..PERFEEECTO)

And tadaaahhh...this's our trip to the very very empty and big space somewhere in the castle!!

Wrapping up the scene, MWUAHSXZ!!

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