Thursday, 29 April 2010

Flisbee Flenzi

Frisbee is the new thing! It's really fun for those of you who haven't played it before and I can say it another time, It's REALLY FUN!

Had a good game today with 18 of us in total running and puffing in the first few games and then slowed down as we gather up our strategies well. :D

What can I say. I'm Addicted yo!

I'm gonna go learn the techniques to throw a Frisbee properly. :)

Sad to say, my throws are wobbly~

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Random stuff -.o

I've got this free foundation sample from Olay which in my opinion, is pretty good. 
But anyhoo, I still prefer my TheFaceShop tinted BB Cream nonetheless.

I got this palette some time back. Outside so chio. Plus! It's a Limited edition.

Inside: 2 cheek blusher, 3 lipgloss, 5 eyeshadows
All of them are awesome <3

And I've got a free sample too on Beauty Rehab which works miracle. Serious.
Skin dry? Apply. Lips dry? Apply. Cheeks dry? Apply. 

But my skins now is it's having rest. No make up unless necessary. :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

For everything, there's always a reason

My previous post was inexplicably LAZY. I know you can tell it cause you can tell it.

Not much of an attempt to make a long-winded post now either..

I'm a bit on the nervous end bit plus my sedentary lifestyle and nonchalant behaviour to study seriously. 

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ."
Philippians 4:6-7

I don't know what else to expect but I shall put in and do my best for Daddy always say,'Dream big and reach for the sky. Even if you hit the treetop, it's still a success.'

That's my Dad

: )

*sobs*pimples outbreak!*EMERGENCY*

Monday, 26 April 2010

Birmingham for Easter

Since there's no Ibiza and Barcelona trip...we went for a Birmingham trip. 

Nice place to shop. If you have overflowing cash, this is where you should be.

@Victoria Centre
Just walking around while SL like tourguide saying,"Ahh..this place..."

@a church compound with cemetery garden
You'll be surprised how many people are lying on the green green grass. It was..weird to me.
Anyway, LV is just right there.

@front of Central Library
Don't know why we walked here. = P

@the canal
This place is sooooo nice! Reminds me of some place but I can't recall.

Last but not least a picture of everyone!

We've been to Mailbox but unfortunately didn't take any pictures there. 
Ahhh...that's all the trip for a blissful but unfortunate Easter.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Nothing better else than a Sunday itself ♥

Went to church today and thinks it enlightens her day. :)

It's child thanksgiving Sunday and when I saw the parents brought their kids up to regard their children as gifts from God and to let them know the Giver, I just thought of daddy and mummy. I guess there's a picture of daddy carrying a 2/3 year old me in front of the pastor to be baptised.

Jesus said, let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 
Matthew 19:14

For that, I thank Daddy and Mummy for letting me know God, who's the Saviour and Almighty, who had showered our family with blessings abundance.

On another note, Sunday is the only day now I can play with make-up!
(before church...)

Start off with a...clean face! ('kiap' hair up first. Avoid messiness that might occur.)

Next, apply foundation and blusher and toned brown eyeshadow. That's all I had on. Eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow line, which is quite essential for me since I've really light and sparse eyebrow line (Now can see already right?)

Yeap, that's all I needed to go to church. And the new love. :D

(after church...)

I was aching to do some extra simple eye make up as I haven't touched them for ages. OH MY EYELINERS!
So, push up front hair first.

With the already applied toned brown eyeshadow earlier, I used a dark blue shimmer liner pencil from TheFaceShop and lined my eye top and bottom (halfway). 
I smear the ends a little to give a little of the shadowy feel.

Another eye, a different one. Same applies, toned brown eyeshadow. Using Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner longue-tenue, I drew a slightly down-winged on top and lined the bottom as per normal. 

Not much of a difference huh looking from here.

This looks clearer NO? =D
Ehehhe, sorry I scared you!

Black really does make me eyes look bigger and popper :)

Wiped off after that and went dating. With my date. His name is Mr Book.



This song damn touching from the drama Autumn Concerto. The show itself is touching and heart-quenching enough. Sobs..I've never shed so much tears for a Taiwanese drama series.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

My new love

I'm getting necklace frenzy. I don't know why. I just love them SUDDENLY. Like really SUDDENLY one.

Then I search high and low just to find one that speaks back to me, "Hi there darling, I'm the ONE".

Just when I got that message across, I kerching kerching..$$ to seller.

#1 - Gold heart pendant  

#2 - Charms of Eiffel Tower, Heart, Fly and Kitsch Bird

So beautiful right?
Hopefully no one speaks to me again. Tho I just entered a shop with really reasonable price with tons of these necklaces babes.

Tough tough. Life's tough.

Easter feast fast

My Easter is filled with too much food.

Turtle gave me.....ALL THESE.

GG bought me THIS.

My upper rack is FULLY FILLED.

Too much of everything is not good.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flower dumb

It's spring here in Nottingham =D

Ehm, I self proclaim I'm not a flower lover. Not anti-flower but just, I can live without flower perfectly fine.
So please excuse me for the dumb flower statements I'll be using below.

I duncknow what sakura-looked alike flower is this so I'll just say it's sakura la kay?

So beautiful. No need go Japan to see this. I can see 'Sakura' in Nottingham!

Went over for a jog at The Lakeside on campus. And wtf, white flowers on trees? What kinda flower is this?

Serious seriously?!

Just beautiful. Wait then for more flower jokes to come.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Liverpool Day3 (Liverpool Cathedral & Pesto)

Pretty lazy to walk around as it's been One Liverpool and One Liverpool for 3 days straight. 
Checked out around 11-ish and walked to the cathedral.

So mangnificient!

Oh, the above was zoomed from 4-5 kilometers away from the actual site. :P
I was whoozing by Chinatown 'The Dead' town before reaching the cathedral.

Aha! Here I am just few feet away :)

The doorway (A bit horrifying cause everything seems so big and huge..)

The layout of the cathedral. Too many sections for too many people. Confusing.

And some pictures snapped while walking and touring around the cathedral. Just admire those glass painted windows. Beautiful beyond any words can describe it.

And suddenly..."THE SUN THE SUN!!!!!"
Warm and sunny. Without the breezy wind. Not too hot, not too cold :)

Hmmmm..My Moncaro Marche Rosso 1GT, abv 11.5%
An intense ruby red wine in colour, it had a fruity floral bouquet with hints of wild berries.
Not very good or awesome.Just OK. I saw some white floating jelly like creatures in my wine which I later assume it might be the lemon trick =S

The food I had. Nice Nice Nice & Nice. One I would recommend. 
Not very expensive. about 4pounds per bowl.

Liverpool story ends

Friday, 9 April 2010

Liverpool Day 2 (Of Beatles, HAHA Bar & Grill and Mersey Ferries)

From my room window....

 I get a pretty nice view of...the main attraction of Liverpool :)

And thus, Albert Dock welcomes me.

What a dock. Beautiful dock (don't get me wrong) with gusty wind. And this is good, no sea breeze whatsoever. So you won't smell sea-ly breeze-ly salty after that. : D

First stop. 
The Beatles Story.

I'm no big fan of The Beatles but I guess Daddy and Mummy is? Well, most aunty uncles are. RIGHT?  
Opppss =x

I don't know who is who either! All I know is there's John Lennon in there. (Wait, did I get this right?)

3guitarist and 1drummist? Darn complicated the story of the band formation. 

One came and then don't know what happen then another came and something happen and then at last someone came and it all happens.

Posing with the poster of xxxxxxx

Hello Mr 'bou' telephone congee!!!!

That's too high. *Jumps*jumps*jumps* & leaves. Can't reach.

Heh-lo heh-lowwww!!

Loud & Clear by the Americans

And so I'm on my way~

(Lols. Day dreaming in bright daylight.)

UK & US. Love and Respect.

Legendary John Lennon
(Was he like the most famous member?!?!)

Who's George Harrison btw?

Went over to HAHA Bar&Grill which is just around the corner. AH the bar is really something to die for. And I shall kill myself (*acting acting*) for not going there! I am a guuch girlll ;D

Mersey Ferries right after lunch and it's really weird to see painted cow-like creatures and penguins around. Just weird as it sounds.

Ahah! And the wind is really strong! For a moment, or maybe a few moments...I felt like I'm the living Medusa.

Loves from JOJO