Monday, 26 April 2010

Birmingham for Easter

Since there's no Ibiza and Barcelona trip...we went for a Birmingham trip. 

Nice place to shop. If you have overflowing cash, this is where you should be.

@Victoria Centre
Just walking around while SL like tourguide saying,"Ahh..this place..."

@a church compound with cemetery garden
You'll be surprised how many people are lying on the green green grass. It was..weird to me.
Anyway, LV is just right there.

@front of Central Library
Don't know why we walked here. = P

@the canal
This place is sooooo nice! Reminds me of some place but I can't recall.

Last but not least a picture of everyone!

We've been to Mailbox but unfortunately didn't take any pictures there. 
Ahhh...that's all the trip for a blissful but unfortunate Easter.

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