Friday, 9 April 2010

Liverpool Day 2 (Of Beatles, HAHA Bar & Grill and Mersey Ferries)

From my room window....

 I get a pretty nice view of...the main attraction of Liverpool :)

And thus, Albert Dock welcomes me.

What a dock. Beautiful dock (don't get me wrong) with gusty wind. And this is good, no sea breeze whatsoever. So you won't smell sea-ly breeze-ly salty after that. : D

First stop. 
The Beatles Story.

I'm no big fan of The Beatles but I guess Daddy and Mummy is? Well, most aunty uncles are. RIGHT?  
Opppss =x

I don't know who is who either! All I know is there's John Lennon in there. (Wait, did I get this right?)

3guitarist and 1drummist? Darn complicated the story of the band formation. 

One came and then don't know what happen then another came and something happen and then at last someone came and it all happens.

Posing with the poster of xxxxxxx

Hello Mr 'bou' telephone congee!!!!

That's too high. *Jumps*jumps*jumps* & leaves. Can't reach.

Heh-lo heh-lowwww!!

Loud & Clear by the Americans

And so I'm on my way~

(Lols. Day dreaming in bright daylight.)

UK & US. Love and Respect.

Legendary John Lennon
(Was he like the most famous member?!?!)

Who's George Harrison btw?

Went over to HAHA Bar&Grill which is just around the corner. AH the bar is really something to die for. And I shall kill myself (*acting acting*) for not going there! I am a guuch girlll ;D

Mersey Ferries right after lunch and it's really weird to see painted cow-like creatures and penguins around. Just weird as it sounds.

Ahah! And the wind is really strong! For a moment, or maybe a few moments...I felt like I'm the living Medusa.

Loves from JOJO

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