Thursday, 8 April 2010

Liverpool Day 1 (Of Dim Sum, ODEON and Yo! Sushi)

Need to fill my stomach. Dim Sum at 'Beautiful Sister'. 
Uhm, wasn't superb. Just OK, above average. 

Then walked around One Liverpool. This place is just too awesome to be true. Too good to be existing. 
And most importantly, too expensive for someone like me =( 

(Oh wait, just this street! This freaking exorbitant street and shops!)

Then this street is what I love most  ♥
(You deserve all my love and loves. Eer, except that COAST and Ted Baker and Liverpool FC. Practically, I should just say USC and Hollister. OH well. Then there's Republic, Esprit, Bank, Adidas, Nike, and so many many more!)

One Liverpool. Love the City. I did!

Went for a movie at ODEON. Fuwahhh, this cinema is so huge and so IN! But I don't like their seats.
Oh, Clash of The Titans wasn't what I watched. But since I've watched it, I shall say, "YOU SHOULD AND MUST GO WATCH!!!!!"

I, on the other hand, watched 'I love you Philip Morris'. Ewwfh...Ewan McGregor, you did a really good..JOB. Jim Carrey, well, he always do. Whatever and whoever character he plays. But all credits to Ewan really. 

Too much of all these. Of geli-ness and mushy-ness. Ughh, I can't stand it.

And ate Yo! Sushi since it's Monday and everything on the belt is £2.20. 
(Pretty expensive huh compared to Malaysia's Sushi King?)
16 plates. WAIT. I didn't ate all of them kays?

Tired. But damn there's this Comedy Gala Show on TV which is really funny. 
Tell you lovelies later!

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