Saturday, 3 April 2010

Pharmacy Ball 2010

Pharmacy Society Ball 2010
I wouldn't say it's super awesome was just nice. The food aren't that all great but the people are! So no food pictures but just great people pictures throughout the night! :)

Angel, Cyrus, Andrew, Matthew, Hannah, Richard, Ernest,.......and the others..
(Everyone was just there. Isn't that awesome or what.)

Andrew the boy. Lols! Well, this is already an improvement from the first time we took pictures :D

Angel the darling. Muahsz! <3

Matthew always smirking :P

Cyrus the turtle. Thanks a zillion for everything that night. And you've been a gentleman all while. <3

    Jonathan the senior. Canadian! :)

Pek San and Siu Sien the seniors too. So pretty all of them :)

As I said, we're star STAR! 

Hannah the lovely. Awh, you're just so sweet. <3

Richard the James Bond. White top, black bottom. He claims. -.-

The table and the table seaters


And a sequel of..?? (Whatever it is...)

(Well, I just wanted to show my 'snatch mirror' ring more. As in, it really does stand out right! Don't say NO cause I know it does :P )

Angel, Andrew, Ernest, Cy, Jojo. Er, I donno who's the guy behind. Sorry!. :( 

Adeline & Holly & Yamina & Salma
(Lovely mates)

The night didn't just end there. Coming up....

Cheers everyone!

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