Monday, 19 April 2010

Nothing better else than a Sunday itself ♥

Went to church today and thinks it enlightens her day. :)

It's child thanksgiving Sunday and when I saw the parents brought their kids up to regard their children as gifts from God and to let them know the Giver, I just thought of daddy and mummy. I guess there's a picture of daddy carrying a 2/3 year old me in front of the pastor to be baptised.

Jesus said, let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 
Matthew 19:14

For that, I thank Daddy and Mummy for letting me know God, who's the Saviour and Almighty, who had showered our family with blessings abundance.

On another note, Sunday is the only day now I can play with make-up!
(before church...)

Start off with a...clean face! ('kiap' hair up first. Avoid messiness that might occur.)

Next, apply foundation and blusher and toned brown eyeshadow. That's all I had on. Eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow line, which is quite essential for me since I've really light and sparse eyebrow line (Now can see already right?)

Yeap, that's all I needed to go to church. And the new love. :D

(after church...)

I was aching to do some extra simple eye make up as I haven't touched them for ages. OH MY EYELINERS!
So, push up front hair first.

With the already applied toned brown eyeshadow earlier, I used a dark blue shimmer liner pencil from TheFaceShop and lined my eye top and bottom (halfway). 
I smear the ends a little to give a little of the shadowy feel.

Another eye, a different one. Same applies, toned brown eyeshadow. Using Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner longue-tenue, I drew a slightly down-winged on top and lined the bottom as per normal. 

Not much of a difference huh looking from here.

This looks clearer NO? =D
Ehehhe, sorry I scared you!

Black really does make me eyes look bigger and popper :)

Wiped off after that and went dating. With my date. His name is Mr Book.


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