Saturday, 10 April 2010

Liverpool Day3 (Liverpool Cathedral & Pesto)

Pretty lazy to walk around as it's been One Liverpool and One Liverpool for 3 days straight. 
Checked out around 11-ish and walked to the cathedral.

So mangnificient!

Oh, the above was zoomed from 4-5 kilometers away from the actual site. :P
I was whoozing by Chinatown 'The Dead' town before reaching the cathedral.

Aha! Here I am just few feet away :)

The doorway (A bit horrifying cause everything seems so big and huge..)

The layout of the cathedral. Too many sections for too many people. Confusing.

And some pictures snapped while walking and touring around the cathedral. Just admire those glass painted windows. Beautiful beyond any words can describe it.

And suddenly..."THE SUN THE SUN!!!!!"
Warm and sunny. Without the breezy wind. Not too hot, not too cold :)

Hmmmm..My Moncaro Marche Rosso 1GT, abv 11.5%
An intense ruby red wine in colour, it had a fruity floral bouquet with hints of wild berries.
Not very good or awesome.Just OK. I saw some white floating jelly like creatures in my wine which I later assume it might be the lemon trick =S

The food I had. Nice Nice Nice & Nice. One I would recommend. 
Not very expensive. about 4pounds per bowl.

Liverpool story ends

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