Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bye UK, Hi Malaysia

Well, I had had a lot of food since I came back but didn't really took pictures of each and every one. Well, when you see food, at the first instance, you eat. Not take pictures. So well, this was the only one I got to take pictures of. 

Sarawak Noodles House in Setapak.

Wine noodle mee sua soup. 
I highly recommend this. FIVE STARS.

Dry Spicy Sarawak noodle.
Well, wasn't up to my expectation. It was more to sweet and sour than SPICY.

And the red bean freeze. : )

There many other more noodles on the menu. So pick your choice.


Weekends with family.

Me and Grandmum
(Poor her, swollen infected eye)
But was she fascinated when I showed her the front camera and she saw herself! : D

Sister - Stephanie
Just a few inches taller. It's alright.

Mummy - Jessie
Always claim to be my elder sister. Chieh.

And nonetheless, myself with my new haircut. 


Thanks Uncle Jimmy & Aunty Shirley

Last day here in Ashtead, Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Shirley brought me to Jimmy's place in Epsom town centre.
I'ld say this is a good place to dine in. 'CHEAP, NICE, AWESOME'.
The three things Chinese's look for everywhere. : )

Ordered a fruit punch which was so awesome! Got strawbies too : )

And fried noodles. This is super awesome. The chef actually put in cili padi! See those tiny little green stuffs.

And garlic naan

And then Thai green curry and red curry.

Nicely decorated, clean and tidy

The salad bar

And the cooking chef

Finished my meal off with a cone of ice-cream which was well, not too good, not too bad either. 

All for 6.99 pounds. Cheap mou?


On another note, while waiting for Aunty Shirley to finish her physiotherapy, Uncle Jimmy brought me to a river I forgot the name. 

It was a little dirty. Blame the council for not preserving the river well. Shame shame.

Small little black ducklings swimming through the...river, but not river.

A park out of a sudden. Damn it smells nice with the lavender. 

Friday, 23 July 2010

Northern Ireland & Peoples I've been missing

Some of my remaining pictures from the land I love...Northern Ireland

Busy working =D


Barbara, Jane and Me!

Tray dispensing labelling. Serious mode on >.<

And computer touch screen one. Say no to box computer!

With the beautiful Janine

And my best tutor pharmacist, Deborah

Not forgetting Amparo who has just came to the shop 3days before I left.

And Mr Connor, the night shift pharmacist who cracks the atmosphere up. 

They are just the best peoples I've met over the years.

No surprise should you see me working there next year ; D

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Flowers drowned

This post is full of flowers, plants and whatever green and colourful. =D

This plant's from Japan. Kawaii no? My favourite of all 

The greenhouse at the back lawn.

Aunty Shirley and Uncle Jimmy = )

Me & Uncle Jimmy

Me & Aunty Shirley

The beautiful back lawn. I like. 

And now the compilation of the different flowers I found.

Well, obviously I'm flower dumb but the 2 flower I can surely remember would be the Lavender and Rose.
Girls' all time favourites no? Uh well, the rose I mean. 

And then we have the brush-like red plant, and apple trees, and a pink rose. 

Urm, I only know the tomato plant. But I like the clover-like plant. Although it usually grow as weeds, it'll be clover to me until I see the real one.

And they has grapes! And pepper! And own vegetables! And edamame!
So awesome right!

And all the above - Not known to my library of knowledge. But they're still beautiful as ever.
The upside down flower looks cute =P

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Afternoon out in Ashtead horse range

Well, without the horse. Just the range. 

Uncle and aunty having a chat under the sunny weather. Everyone was happy =D

And I was there playing with my shadow. Peace V!

Aunty, Me & Uncle <3

It was really sunny and warm but darn, I forgot my sunglasses. When I didn't need it, I brought it out. When I need it, I didn't bring it out.

At a peak which overlook pretty much the city of Epsom

And the relative distance of a few landmarks from this point

Yeah, I love the weather. A lot.

While waiting for him to finish work...

What's chiller than a cup of Lemon Frappucino on a sunny day?

Not sour, citrusy taste

Love it!
But nothing beats Java Chip, which is so not available in UK :(