Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ashtead Day 1

Ohgosh it's totally over now and holiday mood ON!

First thing in Ashtead, picked up by Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Shirley. And had a lovely HK style Wan Ton Mee.

Then went to a celebration for the church minister who's retiring which I was slumped on the chair for a uselessly 2.5hours listening to testimonials after testimonials from way back to 1970 until present. How is that even pleasant. I mean Yeah, he did a good cause and God bless him, but does everything need to be spilled out in just that session? I mean...well, you get what I mean. The tea session after that was awesome. Hahaha! I was already eyeing on those cupcakes I saw earlier and when they're in sight, I grabbed like 2 of them straight away. Sweet tooth =D


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