Friday, 16 July 2010

Last day of the days

Thursday - Went on ward rounds in the MAU again with a fairly good tutor this time. I'm pleased. Really am. I learned, I asked, I remember.

Had an induction and quiz on formulary/ non-formulary/ licensed/ unlicensed medicines and trackers of unlicensed medicines prescribed. There's just so much to find out from this session. Now I know why validation of prescription for certain medication takes so long. Just because it's not on the formulary, we had to find an alternatives, and refer to the clinical guidelines. Whether it's licensed or not, doctors would have to fill in a form and send it back to the pharmacy for evaluation before dispensing and requires patient consent should it be unlicensed. What a tough job, I would say.

Friday - Had a brief oncology meeting which I barely know what's happening. And that's it. Followed by summary of placement and that wraps up my working life this summer.

It has concluded. It finally has. I'm gonna pack my bag, walk to the train station, board the train and away from this place. 

Me and my tag. Student pharmacist. :)

Gonna be back time!!!

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