Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thanks Uncle Jimmy & Aunty Shirley

Last day here in Ashtead, Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Shirley brought me to Jimmy's place in Epsom town centre.
I'ld say this is a good place to dine in. 'CHEAP, NICE, AWESOME'.
The three things Chinese's look for everywhere. : )

Ordered a fruit punch which was so awesome! Got strawbies too : )

And fried noodles. This is super awesome. The chef actually put in cili padi! See those tiny little green stuffs.

And garlic naan

And then Thai green curry and red curry.

Nicely decorated, clean and tidy

The salad bar

And the cooking chef

Finished my meal off with a cone of ice-cream which was well, not too good, not too bad either. 

All for 6.99 pounds. Cheap mou?


On another note, while waiting for Aunty Shirley to finish her physiotherapy, Uncle Jimmy brought me to a river I forgot the name. 

It was a little dirty. Blame the council for not preserving the river well. Shame shame.

Small little black ducklings swimming through the...river, but not river.

A park out of a sudden. Damn it smells nice with the lavender. 


Billy said...

Oo..Epsom. That near where I live..small place but nice when it is sunny

Josephine Wong said...

Really? My friend is in Epsom too. :)

Yea, it's a really nice country side place. Loving it <3